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Well I had to actually log in to speak my mind as for the tier list for diddy kong racing goes.

1.T.T he's by far the fastest in the game.
2. Drumstick He uber fast but not quite as fast as T.T and his handling is garbage.
3. Pipsy she is a beast! Until you unlock drumstick and T.T she's your best bet. She's not as fast as T.T but her handling is the best in the game.
4. The rest of the cast is pretty much useless. I always felt bad bc my friends had to use them.
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Has this actually been debated on? Or is it based on your personal opinion/experiences?
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Pipsy third best? This has to be a joke topic. Having the best handling =/= best character out of all the rest. She's the slowest of the remaining characters. If you ask me, she should be at the bottom of the list, just over Krunch.
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I've always been under the impression that Tiptup was better than Pipsy. Though it could be a psuedo effect because that FAQ I read when I was six said he was...

Though in my experience the other characters are not useless. You can do just fine with any of them. I've been playing as Krunch a lot lately just 'cause everyone says he's so bad.

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I played the entire game as Tiptup without any trouble at all. The only time I switched off was for the final race, in which I used Pipsy. A tier list is hardly necessary considering the competitive portion of the game is so moot. As far as tiers go, T.T. and Drumstick(Plane) are top tier, Tiptup and Pipsy below them, Then Bumper, then everyone else, then Timber, then Krunch. That's all you need to know. Handling was everything in this game, what with there being an easy way to break top speed with any character.
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Tiptup FTW

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Banjo, Krunch, and Conker > all
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