Diddy Kong Racing Gameshark codes

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3 years ago#1
Here are some PAL codes that I got from a youtube video that has now been removed:

80126A50 00xx
07 play as Dragon Boss
05 play as Dino Boss
0C play as Wizpig
0D play as Wizpig on a Rocket

There were more codes for the Walrus Boss and Octopus Boss but i forgot those.
Can anyone convert these to NTSC?
3 years ago#2
I think I may have converted them to NTSC.
Try these codes

81127F3E 00xx

07 Dragon

05 Dino

0C Wizpig

0D Wizpig on a Rocket

Too bad my Gameshark broke :p
3 years ago#3
Do you have anymore codes? I tested out the NTSC one and it didn't work.
Where there is light, there is darkness.
(message deleted)
3 years ago#5
I am going to either get a new Gameshark or take mine to get fixed in the next week or so,
until then you can try these

Version 1.0
801284C0 00xx

I forgot there were versions.....

Version 1.1
80128A40 00xx

07 Dragon

05 Dino

0C Wizpig

0D Wizpig on rocket

Anyway this is my last post until i'm sure that i finally got it right
3 years ago#6
code still doesn't work for NTSC both versions
Where there is light, there is darkness.
3 years ago#7
Well, here it is in NTSC.
See my last post? Apparently it was just a vehicle modifier,
Btw it effects all racers

Version 1.0

Vehicle Modifer (Adventure Mode)
801269C0 00XX

00= Car
03=Plane with no wings that emits grass
05=Triceratops Boss
06=Walrus Boss
07=Dragon Boss

Here's some more

Character Modifier
801263E? 00XX


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