Nostalgia from Hell.

#1HarmonexPosted 5/29/2012 1:59:32 AM
My family recently got my little brother a N64 for his birthday, and this was one of the games included. Watching him play it reminded me of how much I played it when I was a teen. Unfortunately, all of the controllers are too damaged to be any fun.

Naturally I fired up the emulator and plugged in a PS2 controller (adapted) and blasted through this game. It's 6am, my thumb burns, and I finally unlocked T.T.

Still need to beat Adventure 2 again, but that will have to wait.

I think my favorite thing about this game back then was reading the instructions for getting to the last level. It literally sounded like one of those fake cheats that went around for basically every game back in the 90s.

"Beat every level. Beat every boss. Get all of the amulets. Beat the trophy races. Beat Wizpig. Then go to the magic sign on the beach and honk at it to make the lighthouse turn into a space ship to go to Future Fun'll find Bill's backyard there."

This game is the reason I don't immediately disregard ridiculous sets of instructions for a game. Rare was notorious for these kinds of things back in the glory days.
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