Happy 15th anniversary Diddy Kong Racing!

#1Thenumber1yoshiPosted 11/27/2012 1:18:59 PM
Wow to think this many years since one of Nintendo and Rare's earliest beginnings on the N64, and Rare's unique spin on the racing genre, sure some people consider it a Mario Kart clone, but how many of these racing games were there that had an actual Adventure mode with a story, hub, collectables, and despite this game's lighthearted feel, gave many a kids a huge pain in the ass to accomplish certain things in the game,I'm looking at you T.T., you were such a B**CH to unlock that I only accomplished it after I graduated from High School in the Wii era (or sometime around when my High School years were winding down, I still have my N64 and I'm proud of it), and I started playing this game around the time the first Banjo-Kazooie was out so it took me that many years to unlock everything except Adventure 2 mode. Not to mention the Silver Coin Challenges were really hard.

Then another reason the game might not have been so lighthearted was it's scary moments, but hey be proud, it only means you were a true kid of the 90s and avid fan of the great partnership Nintendo and Rare had in the past if Wizpig, with his laughing, the creepy cutscene with his head on the mountain coming alive, and his two boss races scared the ABSOLUTE CRAP out of you! Not to mention you should know you weren't alone in having a hard time with beating the first Wizpig race as a kid, we did too.

Aside from the great memories of the game itself ,this game (the original N64 version) introduced the gaming industry, and us to two of Rare's future series, Banjo and Conker, while their stay in the gaming world was brief, they became well loved by fans of the games Rare made during their partnership with Nintendo, and basically fans of the 3D Platformer in general even if Conker's most of a cult game, you know the story by now Banjo's future game did go almost as lighthearted as his appearance here, while Conker over time was changed to the crude,adult, but hilarious Bad Fur Day, even so this was our first exposure to them.

Though it is sad to see that we never did get a proper resolve to the "To be continued..." message at the end of this game due to the sequel "Donkey Kong Racing" canceled due to Rare and Nintendo's split, and kind of even more tragic due to the fact that like Conker's Other Bad Fur Day, even this game's reworked replacement Saberman Stampede never saw the light of day due to how Microsoft handled (and still does) Rare, and all we've gotten is a DS remake with stuff pulled but more stuff added (I don't know how to judged it I've only played the N64 one) that still doesn't kill off the great memories us fans of this game have, and of when Nintendo and Rare used to created awesome games like this. So here's hoping to continuing to play until this game's next anniversary (I just hope my cartridge doesn't crap out on me like my original Banjo-Kazooie one).