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Doom II Box Shots Added (Archived)peach freak18/20/2014
I have thusly remade my first playthrough on youtube. (Archived)sauceje16/27/2014
My Doom levels return.... (Archived)Xegethra24/4/2014
Which of these wads have you played and what do you think of them? (Archived)
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In response to... (Archived)Recoome_is_god22/16/2014
this game is terrible. (Archived)smallpoxx22/16/2014
Basic tips for survival mode. (Archived)Andy1005112/8/2013
Please, go and check out this very entertaining Blind Lp of the original DOOM! (Archived)KurtKokaine4110/22/2013
Do you consider it cheating... (Archived)GTADriver268/27/2013
Chaingunners are easily the deadliest monster with non-boss specs (Archived)
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Remember me? (Epic 2 youtube playthrough) (Archived)
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Zandronum/Doomseeker doesn't want to load certain WADs (Archived)Xegethra25/29/2013
After beating TNT evilution, I still feel Chaingunners are mini-bosses. (Archived)
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Hell Revealed. Map 28. Where I realized this WAD is starting to blow. (Archived)That1Guyy33/11/2013
So how goes the board's map making quest? (Archived)
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Doom II/Zdoom/Wads (Archived)Kamil51/12/2013
GZdoom using a fan made wad and brutal doom at the same time how? (Archived)JDKennedy619511/17/2012
how do you change blood color like cacademon to blue hell baron to green (Archived)JDKennedy619211/5/2012
ZDaemon (Archived)segafever211/5/2012
Is there a Doom/Doom 2 mod that replaces demonic enemies/textures/etc? (Archived)
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