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6 years ago#1
How is your DF2 translation project ?. I played DF2 too much then I got tired by played Japanese version all the time because I have little knowledge of Japanese. So, I prefer English version for various reasons such as alchemy, storyline, event scenes, and etc since I already beat the game with Izumo, Highland, and Tradnor.
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6 years ago#2
It's chugging along, slowly but surely -- just to be clear, I'm not doing any translation work, but rather pitching in on the technical end. Sandslice and SixFortyFive have done most of the translation so far, and I hope we'll gradually receive more assistance as the project goes along.

As far as goals, I think it's realistic to expect all gameplay elements except the storyline dialogue to be translated by the end of this Summer, then it'll be a long push to the finish line. Expect an updated video to show up in early September, the one year anniversary of the project's renewal. Bear in mind that there's no projected release date yet.
6 years ago#3
Dang ! I guess I will have to wait till English version releases. Now, I will play Dragon Force, Bladestorm, Star Ocean 4, and other games instead.
Liver is evil and needs to be punished !~ Unknown

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