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6 years ago#1
I didn't realize that your translation project did went very well while I was keep busy with new games. I think about playing DF2 as soon as I can because you asked me about blackout issues with full troops. I actually did test my game against goblins at cave whereas goblin sometime had 100 troops ,so there were two results: did worked and did have blackout issue. As for blackout issue, I had to restart my game to play again then didn't ended up blackout at this time.

I plan to play new game with Sanice because I've seen several youtube videos that many of them prefer to play new game with Sanice for some reasons. I admit I want to play Abel because of tomboy girl's mighty cavalry and good water magic. At least, Sanice has blond guy that has cavalry unit even though he's a knight which I will need to protect him from duel, though. I plan to test my game with full troops against Black Knight or Sorcerer aka Madruk's followers because they always have 100 troops even though I may have to spend at goblin's cave.

I admit that SSF emulator did have several issues especially opening and blackout ,but it will get work after you restart your game. Savestates may be most important to play game especially going to goblin's cave or fighting against Madruk's followers ,so you should use savestates often when you fight much large army or goblins everytime so that you don't have to start over again and again.

Btw, I am looking foward to play DF2 with your English patch whenever it comes out.
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6 years ago#2
As it so happens, thanks to Reinofhearts Sanice's scenario will be the first one translated, it seems. Though just getting the non-story gameplay text all in will occupy the rest of this year.

For the blackout issue, you can find more info @ http://www.verve-fanworks.com/SMF/

Can't discuss it here in depth here any more, as the mods are growing wary of specific emu talk. But Reinofhearts found the workaround it seems.
6 years ago#3
Oh, I did checked screenshot of Reinofheart's setting.

Indeed. I have different emulator ,so there are two different settings.

His screen required both enforced aspects while my emulator doesn't have full screen and fullsize options ,so i will try SSF 0.10 type R5.

Most important would be Program 2 because mine and his are not that far even though mine is little bit low than his.

Nonetheless, I will try Reinofhear's preferred emulator cuz I watched his video that ran very smooth that's something my emulator can't do.
You don't deserve to be called a man! You don't deserve to be called a boy!~Chris to Justin on Maury Show
6 years ago#4
Oh, I have problem with CD Drive because Reinofhearts has different from mine.


Mine came up with defaulted.
You don't deserve to be called a man! You don't deserve to be called a boy!~Chris to Justin on Maury Show
6 years ago#5
Looks like a virtual drive, I think? That should be okay -- I always mount my CD image in DaemonTools and it works okay with Heart's settings.
6 years ago#6
New emulator isn't working because it's so fast whereas voice can not hear ,so I switched back to old emulator. Btw, I can confirm that 190 troops did work without getting backout screen when my Sance ,who had 90 troops, fought against Ogre's 100 troops.

I plan to send Sanice, Winston, Barley, and green hair female that has cavalry to fight Dark Knight and his cronies that have 100 troops each. Btw, I will plan to raise 4 of them to 100 troops before attacking Dark Knight's castle.

Can you tell me how did King Lennox disappeared ? which mentioned Reinofheart's let's play DF2 video cuz it doesn't have closed caption aka subtitles ,so I have no idea what did he talk about Lennox being disappear ?.
You don't deserve to be called a man! You don't deserve to be called a boy!~Chris to Justin on Maury Show
6 years ago#7
Is Lennox Sanice's father? That info might be in what Reinofhearts has translated so far, or Sandslice probably knows offhand.
6 years ago#8
Yeah, he's her father. I guess I will have to wait for English patch. Btw, I had no problem with full troops even though graphic sometime will blunder and slo motion when battle begins for some reasons.

As for remake DF2, I've seen someone claimed there was DF2 that remade by Sega Ages after Sega Ages Dragon Force even though I couldn't find DF2 info at all ,so do you know anything about remake DF2 ?.
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