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6 years ago#1
So I lost my 80+ hours file of gameplay so I kind-of gave up on the game.

I've decided to pick up the game again but rather than starting all over, I decided to take one of the save files uploaded here. What do you know? One left off exactly where I left off (it got deleted right as soon as I saved the last region). But, everything about it is pretty unsatisfying... barely any classes were mastered, levels are lower, and equipment isn't up to date so rather than starting a new game and getting my classes and such where I want to anyway, I might as well just grind. I find it pretty easy to do in this game, I can focus on a TV show at the same time. So yeah, I'm just going to grind.

Like I said, the file is left off from the last region just being saved (Coastal). I was just going to grind at Coastal but for some reason I can't stay at the Inn there. I also can't seem to encounter any monsters in the overworld in the present (either that or the encounter rate is pretty low...). So, any good spots to grind at?
6 years ago#2
Coastal in the Past has no level cap as in Job Class changes still count at level 99 so you may as well level up jobs their.

Exp wise spoilers:-
-the tower that you enter before the Time maze/dungeon IIRC is the first area where the weakest Metal Slimes can show up for 1000 exp per kill.

However unless you have Metal Cut or Evil Slash good luck beating Metal Slimes since ALL monsters that aren't in the Metal Slime Family suck IMHO for exp gain.

As for upgrading weapons etc if you don't abuse Poker/Slots via the various Casino's in this game then yes you will be stuck with crappy equips since even the strongest enemies barely drop even +500 in money so when weapons etc cost like 10,000+ trying to far money out of random battles isn't worth it.

Instead by tons of those Magic rings that can restore MP but break at random and sell those for IIIRC 1000 per copy sold.
6 years ago#3
Where's that place again? And is it in the past or present?

If its in the past, I'm going to need to know which room and slab because its been a looong time...
6 years ago#4
Litorud region in the past its the middle tablet in the Blue Colored room to access the area.
6 years ago#5
Or even better the final area in Coastal in the past IIRC has Liquid Metal Slimes to kill 10,000+ exp just by killing 1 the weakest metal slimes are only worth 1000 per kill and job levels their still count at level 99.

But without Evil Slash I find them nearly impossible to kill if it doesn't run away on its 1st turn.
6 years ago#6
Coastal(past) is a decent place to grind.. since you're already at Coastal. You can also try grinding in the caverns that lead up to the demon lord, and his lair itself..
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