Dragon Quest VII remake coming to 3DS

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ryamis posted...
I stopped playing after PS2 because the games I loved are dead and buried. It was a lot of reasons.

Very sad. You're missing out on some great games. Given everything you wrote below, there's still SMT3, Revelations: Persona 3, 4, 5(up and coming), SMT4 is also slated to come out. There's Etrian Odyssey 1, 2, 3, and 4 is coming up. DQ9, even though it does have cutscenes, they're incredibly short, sweet, and 90% of the story is told through text (even many of the old DQ's had cutscenes, always short and to the point, so DQ9 continues that tradition). There's the DQ7 remake that's up and coming. Given you like MUDs that's a heavy emphasis on dungeon crawling, and DQ9 has a TON of that (along with Etrian Odyssey 1-4). I don't think we've seen any new Front Mission games...

There are a few others that would meet your standards. Most of them are on handhelds though, but nevertheless, I'd give a shot and look into them at the very least. You might decide to give a few a shot. My best friend (which I'm almost sure is now gone and buried given I can't get in touch with him in months) is a huge MUD lover, started gaming with Wizardry 1 and Ultima 1, played the early days of the pure text based MUDs, and some of the early MMO's...and basically he's a huge Atlus and Enix fan when it comes to console games (Square based games, not so much, but now that it's SE...doesn't make a difference). Loves EO, though he wasn't that much a fan of the DS DQ remakes given some changes, he still loved V, and VI he thought was alright, even if he felt IV lost it's luster entirely.

Point being there are games that will likely satisfy you.

Exploiting online for constant payments.
-I like to play old games occasionally over a few days not months at a time.
-monthly payment encourages gameplay with the sole purpose of wasting someone's time; things like travel are made much more time consuming than in regular games; other time restrictions on what you are allowed to do and usually not being able to accomplish anything by yourself.

Well given position 1, you're certainly not a candidate for an MMO of any kind, given you really need to play for a few months at a time, even if you do take long breaks from the game. Most MMO's these days, save a few exceptions (Ragnarok Online, Lineage 2, and Evercrack), tend to aim towards making player lives easier, with the exception of Free To Play (and even then, many of these are loosening certain restrictions like travel and exp penalties).

Given position 2. Well, in a way that would make sense, and it does in context with pre-2005 mentality. The idea being to ensure the players get to see the world. Not so much about wasting time, as to ensure you go from one area to the next, based around level and quest availability. You couldn't just travel the world over. Since about 2006, WoW and most MMO's have changed monster layouts and quest layouts to make traveling more common, as well as adding in many new forms of travel, making it cheaper and more accessible, or in the case of FTP games, putting in special travel items to their store at a usually decent cost per number (like 50c for 75-300 or more depending on the game).

They might be built around making money off players, but most companies seem to understand the bad publicity that comes with too much time spent in any one given moment. Some enthusiasts notwithstanding, most players in most games are given far more access than you seem to think.
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-These all waste far more time than they used to and get in the way of the gameplay. Reading will always be faster than needless animations and voices. You can't just skip them either because the 10 minute scene says where to go at the end.
-A great evil has awoken. I get it. Anyone who didn't get it in every other game isn't going to suddenly now, stop going on about it.

Unless we're talking Xenogears, Xenosaga, Final Fantasy XIII, and maybe Final Fantasy X, there aren't that many cutscenes in games (FF XII has about half the cutscenes X does, and offers about 3x more play value in overall quantity of gameplay, and for more western oriented gamers, quality, for more FF die-hards, just quantity). Even for those games that do, and keep in mind even PC games have had cutscenes since the 80's, they've simply changed. I don't see how text and speech make much difference, but given you are very picky about it, or perhaps it's a matter of speed reading and preferring the imagination to provide voices if any, many games do offer the ability to cut out voices (not all, and sadly it is becoming far less common, instead offering to bypass cutscenes altogether, and as you point out, missing them often leads to the "where the f*** do I go next" moment).

That said, some games do provide clues. DQ8's characters tell you where to go next, or hint at it, DQ9 has several NPC's to talk to for directions and advice, normally in the last visited town (like with most DQ's). Some games like FFTWotL and Xenoblade offer either markers on the map or some form of log info on where to go next. Too bad this isn't that common (and it's becoming more difficult to think of what to say given I don't know when in the PS2 era you quit).

So, I don't know, cutscenes are always a give and take, but I honestly think you're making too big a deal out of it. It would be obvious either way, it's just a method of telling the story. Often you get more emotion and can show certain characteristics of characters that would not show properly in text without outright explaining which often does a poor job comparatively, as fun as it is to imagine what exactly the text is describing.

Major gameplay changes.
-RPGs need random battles. I think there is a vocal minority out there that disagrees because they just don't like RPGs to begin with. Without random battles you spend all your time running in circles avoiding enemies. You have to actively pay attention at all times instead of playing while reading something else or looking at a map or whatever. You can't heal after battle because you'll just be attacked again.

I completely disagree. I haven't spent any time at all "running in circles" avoiding enemies in any game without them. I usually just run a b-line with a few movements back and forth to avoid monsters to get to town without a battle. I don't really see why either one is better. Random battles, to me, offer one detail on-screen enemies do not, the element of tension of the unknown, and only in games that encourage exploration or drain Mana through multiple means (even better if items are limited or hard to come by): MUDs, DQ, old school PC RPG's, most Atlus games,etc.

Other than that, on screen enemies offer a lot of benefits, and still add a certain level of tension. Less so in DQ's variation of it than in other games like Xenoblade. However there are other games, of the persuasion you don't enjoy, Action-type RPG's, where no random battles exist still, as all battles take the Chrono Trigger or Metroidvania outlook on battles. Fixed enemies in fixed places, either they're constantly moving, or certain tiles trigger the battle (or both).
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I don't see how your point about healing after battle makes any difference. Last I checked, if I played Might and Magic 2, and forgot to heal after a battle, there are about 40 separate ways I can have my MP sucked right out of me. Similarly with Wizardry, as many enemies can drain Mana by simply touching me, and this is as true for Wiz 8 as it was for Wiz 1. This is also a common factor in the old DnD games. Even Ultima can be similar, though it's usually based on status effects, drain spells, and certain dungeon tiles. Not healing is tantamount to death. This goes for DQ as well. It's not a matter of not being able to heal...it's a matter of knowing both when to heal and when to exit, rest up, then return to the dungeon (usually with extra levels and some better items or even gear to make the journey easier, on top of knowing which path to take to reduce encounters).

This doesn't change with enemies on the map at all. If anything though, I will grant you this, because it's easier to avoid battles, one can avoid having to heal too often. However avoiding too many battles has it's own negative: under leveled, lacking in certain key spells or skills critical to surviving the next battle, and often skipping chests due to not paying attention to the dungeon layout. One cannot simply pay attention to a dungeon and the enemies on screen all at once.

Emulation has fastforward and you can save anywhere.
-Makes all that useless animation/text/trivial battles much less annoying.
-Only game I've seen with something similar was The Last Remnant which has sped up battles. FFXII has it in a Japanese only release.
-Can easily stop and pick up where you were at any point.
-Can never use up save space.
-Missed an item? You can probably add it into your save.
-Want DQVIII to finish alchemy immediately instead of walking against a wall 20 minutes? Easily done.

Ah, the old, we have emulators so why bother paying for stuff?

I'm not sure what this argument has to do with MMO's, but then, aside from the first two points, this has diverged entirely into a discussion of RPG's in general. At least in reference to Turn-Base RPG's.

The last Remnant is a special case. For most players it's typically fast enough. Unless you want to just get everything, level up very fast, collect gold through battles very fast, get battle counts up for whatever reason very fast, or if a game has auto-ability and abilities can level up, I don't see the reason.

Even so as nice as emulators are, and I don't see any issue with Save Anywhere, beyond the reduction of any and all tension, and by default a reduction in difficulty, especially for those tediously long dungeons. I tend to miss the effect those dungeons have after abusing them on an emulator. Sure though, I can't manipulate a casino, or ensure 100% victory on every mini-game, and while the choice is mandatory I do like being without the thought of such abuse. It's somewhat uplifting to know I've accomplished something in a game without the consideration of whether I could have used Save States, and for me holds more value than having done so on an emulator without using them.

Not to mention sound, graphics, control, everything is 100% on the original system. Emulated? I have yet to meet a perfect emulation. The Wii version of SNES9x notwithstanding, nor the GenPlus, there's always something slightly off. So I still prefer non-emulated experiences overall; convenience be damned.

I get your point, and I do certainly understand and empathize with your position, I just prefer without. Especially fast-forward. That always kills a game for me outside of something like FF5 and mastering classes (DQ6? Nah, it makes the game too easy).
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This is what I want in a game:
-Variety of strategies be they classes, abilities, or equipment. Being able to change at any time would be a bonus.
-Random battles
-Open world where you can go where you want without plot barriers
-Exploration rewarded with good hidden items (random loot kills exploration because then you can just open obvious chests for the exact same stuff)
-Actions not limited to real-world speeds (walking, combat)
-A story shorter than this post or at the very least text that can be skipped at reading speed.

Basically I regressed and gave up on RPGs to go play MUDs and roguelikes.

That's a lot to ask for. It's funny, half of what you've stated is in action RPG's, the other half in turn-based RPG's of many varieties and flavours.

I don't recall all of those elements combined being in any one MUD or roguelike. Still, to each their own. I can't really say for myself what an ideal RPG would be, as I don't have any definition. It tends to change with my mood, and so there really isn't any particular type-set in any one direction for any one element that would fit as truly standard and necessary. You are satisfied with your choice right? I'm only asking because your use of the word "regressed", meaning you'd rather not have to make such a choice.

Sometimes I think it's purely mentality, and who knows, maybe your tastes might come around and you find enjoyment in current games, or you figure out that what you think you want in a game right now is no longer the reality. That or maybe a game comes around that fits all that. So far the closest I can think of is Etrian Odyssey, and for many of those options, DQ9. Just sayin'.
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I always thought that games in general were mostly all meant to consume time...if you're worried about things consuming time, why even bother to play a game at all? o.O

Forgot to add, for the emulation bit, can be looked at another way. "No one pays for games. Why should I bother to make one?" -> leads to less games being made -> less need for emulation -> end of the world.
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ZarethKnyght posted...
I always thought that games in general were mostly all meant to consume time...if you're worried about things consuming time, why even bother to play a game at all? o.O

Forgot to add, for the emulation bit, can be looked at another way. "No one pays for games. Why should I bother to make one?" -> leads to less games being made -> less need for emulation -> end of the world.

Damn dude, these are some pretty spiffy nuggets of truth.
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I don't currently own a 3DS, but if this comes to America I'm buying a 3DS solely for this remake. I checked out the Japanese website and I felt like I was 10yrs on Xmas eve. The suspense is killing me...
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I have no words... this looks simply amazing!
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Definitely looks amazing!

The problem I have is the miniature screen we're going to be watching all of that on. :(