Is it just me or did the writers really have fun with Probina? spoilers

#1NersnailPosted 11/30/2012 4:03:04 PM
It seems that that level had more funny moments than any other

During the siege, one man says something like "I will run into you indefinitely as I flail my body" (which is exactly what it looks like everyone is doing due to the game's animation)

Another man: "Oh! So you got my eye! No matter, I still have my other e-So you got that too! I can still swing at you blindly"

There's Razuel getting confused, then showing up at the spring speaking like a detective to state the obvious

The boss, DragonMan, refers to himself as the "eponymous DragonMan"

Melvin calls Razuel a wuss

One of the farmer's soul gets switched with a cow; later, in the present, a farmer is able to talk to cows, possibly because he's descended from a cow

Razuel asks the Hero for advice. The Hero, of course, doesn't say anything, but Razuel says his silence speaks volume
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These are the details that makes DQ7 one of my favorite games, it's just amusing and random.

Was it Probina in the present that had that nursing home with the old lady that dropped her teeth in her tea and said she had to fish them out with her gnarled claw? It was hilarious.
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I think it may have been. I know for sure there's a nursing home in present Probina.
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Only place in all of videogaming I know of which uses a dead nun as a savepoint.
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