Game keeps freezing when I go to Esterd to tell King prince is gone.

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j mcdermid posted...
How dare you question the most credible poster on!?

El Oh El.
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First, let me get the on-topic part of this through:

It sounds like a small scratch or smudge, as the first reply said. I advice cleaning the disc (remembering to wipe outward, not around!), and, if you have a Lens-Cleaner Disc - run that in your machine. Just to have all your bases covered.

It would be a good idea to not post stuff like "The game has a major glitch in it every time you start a new game" when you seem to be the only person to experience it.

It's what he does. We're convinced he gets special edition glitched copies, unique to him, of all sorts of games. (We're also convinced he's a robot, but that's neither here nor there.)

More seriously: We're not really sure what to make of VeghEsther. I'm convinced he's not actually a "troll"; no Internet troll could keep up their schtick for YEARS without giving away something; they MUST let us know that they got the better of us, eventually. Vegh seems to be earnest with his posts, but his strategies are.... different from most. He tends to rely on simple, straightforward things - grinding out levels, or getting a cheap, early advantage. More involved tricks, even if more efficient in the long run, he tends to ignore. He's very stubborn, though, and won't change.

He's got a couple of oddities, like these glitches only he experiences, or a tendency to plug one of his preferred strategies in a topic about something else, simply because it MENTIONS something he could POSSIBLY link his advice to. (It's quite possibly his single most aggravating trait.)

In the end, I'm not sure if I should be proud or saddened at having seen enough of his posts, across enough different boards, to find the methods to (some of) his madness. Assuming anything I've guessed is even right.

But I will give him this - on the Chrono Trigger board, he's not half bad. Still likes to overgrind, but he actually knows a lot of relevant advice there (such as the importance of endgame MDef gear).
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