Exp/JobExp/Gold modifier codes?

#1MogKnightAzurePosted 4/20/2013 12:27:34 AM
It baffles me.

I'm just trying to find a code that will multiply the amount of gains at the end of battle, to speed up levelling without absolutely killing it (i.e. I DO NOT WANT MAX EXP CODES) but apparently such a code is non-existent.

Meanwhile, nearly every other DW/DQ/FF game has some sort of code that is exactly what I'm looking for. Why? THIS is the game such codes should exist for! The amount of grinding one has to do to master jobs in this game is monumental compared to those other games. I just... WHAT.

I've been googling around for about 2... maybe 3 hours now. I've checked a japanese site where none of the codes worked (presumably because the code is different for ntsc version?) and I've found several mirrors of the same set of worthless codes (I at least found a code to set exp and gold to a static amount... but thats no good) and then I found a thread where someone looking for the same codes as me was not given what they were looking for... and instead was told to use ITEM codes to speed up his playthrough... and exp multiplier codes just seemed 'unnecessary' to these people.

Yes. Unnecessary. Like having your game timer always read as 0? What purpose does that serve? And what does it freakin matter anyway? The whole topic hurt.

TL;DR I dont expect to get what I'm looking for with this game being as old as it is but I'll try anyway. Any chance anyone who knows how to make gameshark codes can make a code that will multiply the amount of exp, gold, and jobexp gained at the end of battle? I would even settle for just a jobexp modifier at this point.
#2VeghEstherPosted 4/21/2013 10:23:53 AM
Don't due it I tried to use such cheats and the game is very glitchy with them ie the game freezes/locks up nearly 100% of the time AFTER a battle is won with cheat codes.

That and if you power up PC's to level 99 and your fighting a Unbeatable boss it may make it so that boss can never kill you (but you won't) be able to kill it either.