If I love DQ8 will I like DQ7?

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3 years ago#41
Vegh has a PS2. He's played Atelier Iris 3.


Why didn't you mention this, Vegh? How can we know you - all of you - if you don't talk to us?

And why on earth mode the weakest one in the trilogy? If you want to break a game into teeny tiny pieces, play the first two. Copious opportunities for overkill. Mana Crystals and Demon Rings, man.

Demon Rings can be one of the most monumentally broken pieces of equipment ever in a game. Equip two of them? The super boss that uses the most powerful dark attack in the game won't be able to kill you. And Demon Rings reduce your dark defense to 1!

The only thing more broken is Wild Arms 1's Sheriff's Star. Imagine that a FFVII Mystile, a FFVI Paladin's Shield, and a FFVI Ribbon made a baby. That baby is the Sheriff's Star.
"If you're going to be a mod, you should work harder to get rid of your humanity. It's creepy." ~ Monker to The Paragon
3 years ago#42
I played Atelier Iris 2 the games easy to break when your fight command does like 20 hits using 1 party member as for super bosses the only hard boss isn't one where Demon Rings help its the final arena match where those 3 brownie monsters just love to kill you in 1 physical hit and are way faster then you even at max level 50.

As for Wild Arms 1 and its Sheriffs star its the only game in the series that has the 255 item dupe glitch and is the only easy way to break the game as well 255 goat dolls is over doing it to get the Sheriffs star but I item duped them as well as the 4 stat up apples to have all 3 and only 3 playable party members have all 4 stats at 999.

As for 7th saga I never played it.
3 years ago#43
It's too bad Wild Arms 1 crashes on a PS2. I tried a replay a few months back, but didn't feel like breaking out my PS1. That's a weird game. Similar to the 7th Saga broken level-scaling, I don't think I've ever seen a game where using auto-attack made you stronger.
... even on Earth Mode.
3 years ago#44
Well to avoid the disc crash just play the PSN version on a PSP/Vita/PS3 to avoid that from happening.
3 years ago#45
Out of luck there. I stopped buying consoles after the PS2 and Gamecube. I still have a working original Playstation. Just wasn't interested enough in the game to plug it in.
... even on Earth Mode.
3 years ago#46
The second one is a superior game in every way. I recommend it.

And yes, Vegh is on its board. I just remembered something about Brad and 8000 HP.
"If you're going to be a mod, you should work harder to get rid of your humanity. It's creepy." ~ Monker to The Paragon
3 years ago#47
Actually its a 6500 HP Brad in Wild Arms 2 and I had 7th Moon still drain ALL of that HP to zero instantly but never had my main healer Survive it (and Lilka) at level 99 won't have more then 5000 or so max HP and even at level 99 7th Moon may still kill her instantly.

But all the boss drops is the force shield to make it easier to gain FP so its kind of useless.

I easily beat most Wild Arms 2 super bosses save for the above 1 and Ragu starting at level 40.

But to stay on Topic I loved playing DQ7 I hated the SP spending system of DQ 8 so after I played the DQ 8 Demo I didn't bother to play the full game and DQ8's players guide to the game sucks brady games doesn't even tell you the boss stats or good ways to kill them.
3 years ago#48
I know you don't think along these lines Vegh, but for most people, half the fun of playing a game is to figure out boss strategies all on your own. I find even "good" guides tend to give bad advice. Often due to overleveling, and therefor powering through bosses as a result of some over powered skill/spell extreme stat differentials allowing the guide makers to take multiple hits with barely a scratch, or simply just use the attack button and the "usual" favourite attacks to browbeat the boss. Such strategies wouldn't work in most scenarios, or are less efficient and effective because they often do not take advantage of weaknesses.
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3 years ago#49
Yep, RPGs were my tactics games before I was introduced to tactics games (like X-COM). FF and DW boss fights were lots of fun at low levels.
... even on Earth Mode.
3 years ago#50
That's ok for a dragon quest game where enemies have a elemental weakness I still find That Ultra hit doing 500 to 600 damage will still outdamage ALL attack magic.

So even if I boss in DQ7 is weak to a elemental spell I post job class changes I could still use even 1 to 2 Ultra hit(s) and still do more damage then a single elemental spell or using fire slash etc on it.

So I don't mind overleveling and will never do a LLG in a dragon quest game even one like DQ5 that has no job class changes at all.
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