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So, why are some weapons strong for some characters and weak for others? (Archived)
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Is this the culmination of JRPG's?? (Archived)
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Did anyone else ever notice in the manual's screenshots... (Archived)Ghetsis25/15/2013
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I'm in Hamelia, how much do i have left? (Archived)emilieautumn0874/21/2013
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Immigrant town tips? (Archived)
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Want more than one World Dew? (Archived)Mavvie43/27/2013
Game keeps freezing when I go to Esterd to tell King prince is gone. (Archived)
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Where can I find the Pure Bustier? (Archived)Slimeknight43/8/2013
Today, in my first battle with Platkings I managed to defeat two of themspoilers (Archived)Slimeknight23/8/2013
Replayed this for the second time recently. (Archived)Master Cilander63/5/2013
Just getting ready to start this game (Archived)george costanza103/5/2013
Wierd Probina dialouge (Archived)WeretigerRei13/5/2013
AGL Seed in the Sunken City (Archived)WeretigerRei33/3/2013
spoiler:I am still not finished the main quest but am I strong enough to defeat (Archived)Slimeknight103/1/2013
Usefulness of crowd control on metal monsters? *potential spoilers* (Archived)
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My adventure begins. (Archived)
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