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Spoiler:I need help finding the undersea king (Archived)Slimeknight21/28/2013
Spoilers:Bonus Dungeon#1 Shard question (Archived)Slimeknight51/25/2013
What makes this game great? (Archived)SpankMcNasty51/21/2013
Spoiiler:I'm in quite a predicament near the Gracos dungeon... (Archived)
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nobody mentions the halfling cave bosses (Archived)circustown91/17/2013
That was the longest beginning of a game before a single battle...ever. (Archived)alexponential21/17/2013
Are their any shards that are missable?(Spoilers) (Archived)Slimeknight41/13/2013
Immigrant Town - Grand Slums Issue (Archived)sgranz41/12/2013
Spoiler:Where is the shard for the Loomin region that you should get from the (Archived)Slimeknight21/11/2013
What can I get with the Magic Key? (Archived)Slimeknight21/10/2013
Higher Tier and Monster Hybrid Skills, and monster heart questions (Archived)Efrate61/4/2013
Level caps for each area? *spoilers* (Archived)SquareFanatic51/4/2013
Who should I give my strength seeds to and does it matter if I give them early (Archived)Slimeknight71/2/2013
? Shard question (Archived)Coketastic312/31/2012
Lore Hat. Where to get it? (Archived)omgseal412/30/2012
Priest sometimes appears (Archived)chanser312/30/2012
Name of the world map theme(s)? (Archived)Kikoman589212/22/2012
Monster weaknesses? (Archived)SquareFanatic512/20/2012
Possible Monster Heart drop solution (Archived)Lasjah312/14/2012
Dragon Quest VII remake coming to 3DS (Archived)
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