Phrases and the path to Ultimate Power

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4 years ago#1
Each starting phrase associates with paired phrases in different ways, though some paired phrases seem grouped together in terms of effects, getting near identical results each time.

for starts

Life is...

"Defiant" results in high HP and Special Parameters

"Beautiful" results in high HP, Muscle, and 4 special attacks

"Continued" results in the lowest weight and highest special attack power but is unexceptional anywhere else, including having only 3 specials. Probably the best to train anyway.

"Near" results in high WT. and average Wisdom, but all the other stats are strong.

"broken", "eternal", "dreaming", and "crying" all give 5 specials and pathetic stats everywhere else, including heavy WT. making them pretty unattractive. You can get a super dragon with any phrase just by resetting before it hatches from the cocoon so these are really the worst.

"Shining", "Alive", and "Rising" give you the best over all stats with "Rising" being the best, having an extra special usage and lower WT. on top of the others.

In terms of how important minimizing WT. is, I just trained a Winged Super dragon with a weight of 18 tons that was near perfect and the result of maybe 2 or 3 days visiting shops/ishukas when not in the cocoon, and every other block of time was spent fighting or training, however, if I wanted to use the heart shield which has the best overall stats along with a claymore, her evasion, even at 999 Speed only reached 79pts.

It's not a big deal to use the hyboria instead but if you really wanted a certain look and maxed evasion at the same time for some insane obsessive compulsive exercise (why am I still playing this game), you would probably have to raise a dragon weighing 15 tons or less by the time it evolved into super, which is about seriously 30 days of training or fighting 6 times in a row

my 18t dragon zephyr had 81wins and 0 losses or ties.

Just one kill, in the championship match. MWAHAHAHAHAHA.
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4 years ago#2
looks like it's more like there are good phrases and bad phrases with a certain set of possibilities for each

retrying on shining/alive/rising/beautiful/near/continued/defiant enough times yielded the same patterns for all of them but with different probabilities of which

regardless it seemed like 3.2 was the lowest WT. would go

anyway, you can get 4.4 wt. and really strong stats across the board (like starting 140s-160s), or you can get about 3.6/3.8 WT. and prettystrong stats across the board with probably more wisdom than the other one, or you can go with about 3.2 wt.,maybe some specific combination of dragon type and phrases getting a 3.0 , and get apparently high special attack but low (like 22) wisdom and unremarkable other stats (110s and 120s)
Gin is not really a girl and prefers sitting by the window.
4 years ago#3
huh. just got a dragon with 2.8 Wt. by going with "the wind is defiant"

it has 157 hp but is pretty unremarkable otherwise, 4 special attacks

2.8 wt. is really low tho, I'm keepin it
Gin is not really a girl and prefers sitting by the window.
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