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8 years ago#1

So I just started playing Dynasty Warriors and wanted to start off playing 2, so that I can get a better perspective on how the series evolved. I am having a ton of trouble with the Battle of Chang Ban.

The Character I am using is Zhao Yun, and I am a part of Liu Bei's forces, so I am outnumbered 4:1.

I have played this battle almost 50 times in the last 2 days and cannot beat it. I don't know what I am doing wrong. Liu Bei keeps running out into the middle of nowhere and the forces sit back doing nothing while hordes of the enemy surround myself and Liu Bei. I try to take out as many Guard Captains to get more Defense boosts. I have tried to approad this battle from so many angles and I keep dieing in the heat of battle over and over and over again.

Guides say that its possible to take out the 2 first liutenants right away. However when I try to do this I die rather quickly, being overwhelmed by the barrage of blows.

Does anyone have any advice? The first 3 battles I completed no problem. So I have to be doing something wrong here. Is it possible to level up your characters stats in Free Mode?

Any advice on the Battle of Chang Ban as Liu Bei would be very helpful.

8 years ago#2
You can indeed level up your stats in Free Mode. Not a bad idea if you're having trouble.
Holder of the Nine Dignities of Shuism
8 years ago#3
Man, if I hadn't just put all my PS2 games in a moving box, I'd load it up and refresh myself about that stage...all I remember is that stupid +10,000 point baby and Xiahou En dropping the sword with a huge attack boost (either 8 or 10).

If you're having problems taking on 2 generic's then you probably want to go back to an early stage and boost your stats more. The fastest way to do this is also learning to increase your combos on generals and gate captains. There are two very easy to learn ways of doing this:

1) Arrow musou. If your musou gauge is at least 1/2 max, aim your arrow slightly below the targets head, and just unleash. This will get you at least a 16 hit (and at max at least a 32) combo, boosting your targets dropped boost to +4.

2) Jumping juggling. Everyone with the exception of maybe Zhang Liao/Lu Meng can do this OBNOXIOUSLY easily. First knock the body down (or even easier, as soon as the general dies), and let his body hit the ground ONCE. Apparently in DW2 people are made of rubber, and will bounce after this first drop. When they bounce back up, jump and swing. This will cause them to bounce again. Repeat until you get up to 32/36 (I don't recall exactly) and this will make them drop a +8 boost.

The only pain stat to increase is life/musou, because you need to find them (or kill SSX, but who wants to do that?). Yellow Turbans is best, cause there are 2 locations that have it. I dont know them off the top of my head, but I would had I access to the game.

Good luck!
Gotta love Wu.
8 years ago#4
Easiest way to build up your defense: Kill gate Captains.

What you do is this (you need a horse), kill all their subordinates. Now hold L1 or whatever it is to strafe and maneuver yourself into a corner. Wait for the cap to jump attack at you and move out of the way. He should now be in the corner. Charge right at him while constantly attacking. You'll chain him to 24 easily and get yourself a +8 defense instead of the measly +1.
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8 years ago#5
You know, in my entire DW2 career, I got the horse trick to work ONCE. My way worked all the time (until I unlocked side mode and just did Yellow Turbans as Yellow Turbans...that boosts your stats FAST).

And that reminds me, wherever I said 36 combos I meant 24. Its been too long.
Gotta love Wu.
8 years ago#6
Well you y'know, suck. =P
I used it tons of times successfully, basically at will.

I've never used the jump juggle though, can't recall if I ever knew it existed. The only thing along those lines I ever used was Lu Xun's S,T, repeat.
Holder of the Nine Dignities of Shuism
8 years ago#7
Thanks for the advice guys. I beat the game with Zhao Yun yesterday. The problem was that I had only just started playing Dynasty Warriors with 2, and played through Musou right up to Battle of Chang Ban with no other character development. I was basically as weak as you could possibly be, while on the hugely outnumbered Liu Bei side, getting destroyed. My defense was so low that after a few blows in close quarters combat, attempting to take out any other enemies to get Health powerups risked death. I spent like 2 whole days attempting this stage over and over again. Either I would die or I couldn't protect Liu Bei long enough to confront Cao Cao myself.

All I needed to do was head into Free Mode and level up my character a little more. Everything changed after that and I was able to beat Cao Cao and come out victorious.

I am playing through the Dynasty Warriors series starting off with 2, and working my way up through each game progressivly to see how the series has evolved over time.
8 years ago#8
Yeah Exar. I found it kinda by accident. I was messing around as Xiahou Dun (who was butchered from DW5->6) and noticed that his jump swing had a nice range to it, and that bodies kept hitting the floor a la Drowning Pool circa 2002. I tried it with a bunch of other characters, and everyone can do it easily except Zhang Liao/Lu Meng because their jump swing is just a straight down stab. I mean it is doable, but its a pain.

Also horses suck in this game :P I fight infantry style.
Gotta love Wu.
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