Forsaken Dungeon Hard Mode Endings(MAJOR SPOILERS)

#1ResumeDPositionPosted 5/31/2010 12:12:02 PM
I took it upon myself to clear hard mode before starting a normal mode file, my Ehrgeiz disc stored away in my room for years unused. For those who are curious, the endings are different on hard(still nothing noteworthy, but I know before I beat hard I asked myself what happens after the red dragon when you only have one character to use), so to those who have never wanted to delete their normal file, never bothered with 2 hard playthroughs, or just plain could not beat hard, here they are:

Finishing his lonely search of the dungeon,
Koji prepares to leave. Koji carried home
with him that feeling of excitement of finally
finding the clue to the mystery that he so longed to obtain.

Finishing her lonely search of the dungeon,
Clair hurries back to Koji.
She brings with her the pride and knowledge that
she has gone further than anyone ever has gone before.
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