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6 years ago#1
Okay.... There is 1 thing that I don't think I read anywhere....


1. Who is his Dad? & who is the man Sienna saved? (Are they both one & the same?)

About the old man (Naphato):

2. Did he die after giving Darius the Royal Helm?! (He doesn't talk to you again, after he gives it to you & says, "My.. my castle" ) It was just odd I thought; you'd think the dog would give an indication, if he died...

3. In the Royal Commons, was that statue you pass on the way to the gate one of the old man?? (I really wish I could get up on that ledge to see if there's anything I could read, but I wasn't able to get up there.)


4. How in the world is he still alive?! (with Demon Darius being destroyed & all.... according to the description in the Creature Notes....)

Oh well.....
6 years ago#2
Hold up & wait a minute.... Darius was brought to the Lost Empire because the Mother of All Things wanted to destroy him?! Is that right?! (& the reason is that his power was triggered prematurely by the Morea assassins who came for him & due to to that incident, his crest lost its power??) Did I get that right??

After the start with one of last bosses, I was just left reeling. I'll decipher it another day & maybe.... just *maybe* I'll be able to defeat the Shadow Tower boss.... I really don't want to go back to the Shadow Tower..... It makes my heart race & turns me into a bucket of nerves.... (I'm not made for dungeon crawlers....) XD
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