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do i HAVE to play tetra in Treno?

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5 years ago#1
i'm at the part where SPOILERS. garnet becomes princess and we all go to treno except her and the armored dude. i don't know what to do... tot says to play in the tournament but i just go register and i lose to the first dude fifty times.

is there anyway i can just advance the story without this? or what ? thanks
5 years ago#2
Unfortunately, you do. Worst part of the game in my opinion, since it forces you to play a game which is about 90% luck..
5 years ago#3
But at the same time I'd still rather win all 3 rounds for the Rebirth ring.

Sure the rebirth ring CAN be made later but the game only has 3 diamond add ons to collect for the entire game and the rebirth ring itself needs to use at least 1 diamond to make it yourself.
5 years ago#4
VeghEsther posted...
But at the same time I'd still rather win all 3 rounds for the Rebirth ring.

I believe you only have to win the final card match against cid to get the Rebirth ring, either way you can just save if you lose any of the card games.
5 years ago#5
You can save between matches, and the erratic nature of the card game means that even with lame cards you have a decent shot at winning if you just place your arrows properly. That said, there's no inherent penalty for losing, although there are two limited-amount items to be won (Rebirth Ring and Namingway Card).
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5 years ago#6
Tetra Master is *not* about luck. It's just very complicated.
5 years ago#7
^^ Hell, it's not all that complicated really, once you learn what the 4 letters/numbers mean. The fact is, even with a high-leveled card, it can still lose to a crap one. I've seen it happen more than once. There is a major random factor involved which is just part of the game.

You could battle the exact same cards against each other multiple times in a row, and it would end up with different results each time. Because no stat on the card is set in stone.
5 years ago#8
There is a RNG invovled, its seems to be used often in FF9 formulas. According to mechanics guide, each cards min and max only has a 15 point difference, so its not that big a deal if you playu wisely, e.g. Putting 9P vs a card with 1 or 2 physical defence will rarely lose.

I play on pc, so i can reload between moves... its quite rare for a weak card to beat a high one regulary.
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  3. do i HAVE to play tetra in Treno?

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