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Can't light the last candle in Desert Palace...

#1BrutalSwordsmanPosted 4/27/2010 5:50:11 PM
I've gotten to the final room, followed the first guide on the FAQs page word-for-word... And the game won't let my light the last candle...Help?
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#2InsanityForcePosted 4/27/2010 5:52:42 PM
IIRC you have to light another candle somewhere before you can light the last one. I haven't been through the game for ages so I can't help you more than that.

I remember that I once though my game was bugged when that happened to me though.
#3BrutalSwordsman(Topic Creator)Posted 4/27/2010 5:57:40 PM
Hmmm. I know I followed the guide word-for-word, got all of the Bloodstone items... I also lit that one candle that lights up the photograph. The one in the room where you're manipulating the shadows to reveal the stairs for the final candle...
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#4BrutalSwordsman(Topic Creator)Posted 4/27/2010 6:00:19 PM
Yeah, I go up to the last candle (the candelabra at the top center, right?) and no "!" popup appears...
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#5BrutalSwordsman(Topic Creator)Posted 4/27/2010 6:01:53 PM
This place REALLY needs an edit button...

Anyway, I did a soft reset, nothing happened. PLaying on a PS2 if it matters... I REALLY hope I don't have to go through the whole game again JUST for this...
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#6InsanityForcePosted 4/27/2010 6:56:25 PM
Try going back further ?

And I agree, this place REALLY needs an Edit button.
#7BrutalSwordsman(Topic Creator)Posted 4/28/2010 4:39:12 AM
Further to where though? Like I said, I followed the guide word-for-word, even grabbed every item...
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#8Flare_Dragon123Posted 4/28/2010 4:45:24 AM
You can say that all you want, but either you or the guide missed something. Back track all the way to the start if you have to and search everywhere again.

We can't magically tell you which one you missed, I know it sucks, but you gotta do it.
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#9bover_87Posted 4/28/2010 6:46:05 AM
That happened to me my first time through this game. Try going back and checking for all the candlesticks, some are pretty easy to miss.
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