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6 years ago#1
Alright, I'll make an entire topic. Can anyone confirm that Ozma can drop multiple Dark Matters as implied by the new Monster FAQ?

By my calcs he should drop 2 about 4.7% of the time (and three essentially never). After 15-20 tries I haven't seen it, but that doesn't prove much. ...?
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6 years ago#2
he does not ever drop more than 1 Dark Matter
he CAN drop one (not sure on the odds, but this is real annoying if youre trying to steal everything)
you can also steal one from him
6 years ago#3
You can only steal one Dark Matter from Ozma, but Ozma does have three Dark Matters that can possibly drop. His very common drop is a Pumice Piece, and his common, rare, and very rare drops are all Dark Matters. And it is very possible to get all four drops from a single enemy, just astronomically improbable.
6 years ago#4
...alright, that's the reason for my question. I haven't heard of it happening (and it's not mentioned in the ExII FAQ, for example) but I trust the Monster FAQ and it says it's possible.

Before I spend more time trying, has anyone actually done it??? (Or can you convince me otherwise?)
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6 years ago#5
I've never actually specifically gotten all three Dark Matters off of Ozma, but I've gotten multiple drops from other individual enemies throughout the game, so there's no reason to believe Ozma is any different, or that it is impossible to get all four drops in a single battle. It's just incredibly rare.

I can say that I have gotten both a Pumice Piece and a single Dark Matter from Ozma, but I've never been lucky(or patient) enough to go for more.
6 years ago#6
This is pretty incredible... I really didn't think there would be anything new found in this game ever again, and certainly nothing of importance to the EXIIPG. *head implodes*

But the probabilities seem rather high, IMO. I've fought Ozma quite a few times and never got multiple Dark Matter (regardless of whether I got a Pumice), so I don't know... Then again, it's certain that he can drop 2 items, so I don't see a reason why he couldn't drop 2+, even if one of them would be a duplicate. I assume quite a few people have played the EXIIPG at this point but I haven't gotten any info on this, which I would think someone would contribute if it happened to them (it's a pretty big deal, IMO). Testing is required just in case there is some strange quirk with Ozma's drops.

Anyways, the prob of getting 2 Dark Matter appears to be about 4%, which really isn't that bad. The problem is the 3rd one... The chance of getting the Pumice as well as all 3 Dark Matter would apparently be 0.00017...

Basically 1/10,000 :O

So I guess it's safe to assume that the PG is now impossible and we should get Rebirth to remove that info ASAP before it spreads and makes all our lives futile. Mine has already been shattered.

*huddles up in a corner and starts rocking*
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6 years ago#7

Yeah, I was hoping to confirm this with my own testing before posting and getting you/etc excited, but after the 15-20 tries (in each of which you have to steal all of Ozma's items) that little kernel of doubt started nagging more and more. I certainly have no reason to doubt Rebirth, but I figured 100% certainly would make it more bearable. (And like you say, it would seem that some Perfect Gamer would have discovered this before now)

In any case, absolute perfection DOES appear to be a ridiculous thing to try and do here. Going for two seems reasonable, although the fight certainly isn't quick with the long animations and getting two alone can take quite awhile (I can confirm this, at least) If you want to spin it positively you could say that's it's possible to get more items than originally thought...but that dang 1/256 drop will take a bite out of perfection.

I'll keep trying for the confirmation... Can anyone else say this has happened to them?

....ooooooooor just get Rebirth to drop it, and we're all happy. :)

P.S. I had one other ultimate item set thought awhile ago. Have you ever considered keeping the final Kupo Nut instead of trading it for a common item? You would miss a treasure ranking point, but - considering that you miss most of the Kupo Nut treasure ranking points anyways - might it not make sense to keep the rare item? Much like the Hammer you COULD trade it in at any time should you want to. The moogle dialogue doesn't change either way.
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6 years ago#8
I have beaten Ozma MANY times. Not once have I ever seen more than 1 Dark Matter drop. The about 4% chance for 2 Dark Matters to drop isn't that unreasonable, and I would think that someone would have posted actually getting that, and I have never seen anyone post that. And with my many times beating Ozma, I should have seen it at least once. I highly doubt that more than 1 Dark Matter drops from Ozma, and I await information besides the Monster FAQ on this site that this is possible.
6 years ago#9
How many is many? Do you think you would've noticed 2 Dark Matters?

I tried a few more times tonight with no luck. After about 20 tries I haven't seen a thing, meaning that I'm starting to get unlucky if the multiple drop is possible. Hmmm.
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6 years ago#10
My attempts number in the hundreds. And most of them were for the Perfect Game, and they were on video. So yes, I would have noticed.
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