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Final Fantasy IX Ultimania In-depth Analysis: Spirit (and other) Statistics

#1LayZ33Posted 5/15/2012 4:33:25 AM(edited)
Straight from the horse's mouth, a statistic topic to end all statistic topics. Some of the information below might be old or it might be new to you, but nevertheless, everything you wanted to know about stats will all be conveniently shown below in the one place. Obviously, the Spirit statistic will be the most interesting one.

These are translated from the Square's official strategy guide "Final Fantasy IX Ultimania".

Attribute Value (Statistic)
Basic Description
Other Affects

Displays damage given/received. If one receives damage, remaining HP will decrease, and if it becomes 0, then one will become incapacitated.

-HP Recovery from "Regen" Status (influenced by maximum HP)
Translators note: i.e. the higher your maximum HP, the more HP you recover from Regen.

When an Action Ability is used, it will be consumed. If the cost of the Action Ability is more than the remaining MP, then it cannot be used.

-Affects whether or not the support ability MP Consume Attack activates.
Translators note: i.e. one must have at least 1/8 of max MP available for MP Attack to activate.

Magic Stone
When an Action Ability is equipped, it will be consumed. The higher the Magic Stones, more Action Abilities can be equipped at once.

-Nothing in particular.

Influences the ATB gauge increase rate. The higher the Speed value, the faster the ATB gauge increase rate.

-Affects damage of Zidane's Secret Art "Bandit/Thief's Proof".
-Affects damage of currently equipped Racket.

Affects "Attack" first and foremost, and the damage given of physical attacks in general.

-Affects Maximum HP value.
Translators note: It doesn't specify here how, but obviously, the higher the Strength value, the more HP you will gain at level ups.

Affects the damage given of Black Magic, White Magic, Summon (and others) and magic damage in general.

-Affects Maximum MP value.
-Affects the accurate rate of attacks that cause status abnormalities.
-Affects the accurate rate of attacks that lowers attribute values (statistics).
-Affects the accurate rate of attacks that cause percentile damage.
-Affects the accurate rate of attacks that cause remaining HP to become 1.

Translators note: It doesn't specify here how, but obviously, the higher the Magic value, the more MP you will gain at level ups.

Translators note: Point 2 are physical attacks from weapons that have an innate "cause status abnormality to enemy" effect like Quina's Needle Fork.

Affects Status Abnormality, Trance Gauge, Critical Hits, etc... and other various factors. The higher the Spirit, the more advantageous one's circumstances.

-Duration of Status Abnormalities (both positive and negative).
-HP recovery pace of the Regen status.
-HP decrease pace of the Poison and Deadly Poison status.
-Trance Gauge gain value when damage from the enemy is received.
-Trance Gauge decrease after having performed an action.
-Occurrence rate of Critical Hits.
-Damage given from Thief Swords and Knight Swords.
-Damage given from "Money Throw"
-HP recovery value of White Magic "Raise", Summon "Phoenix (Rebirth Flame"), and Salamander's Secret Move "Resurrection".
-Occurrence rate of the Support Ability "Counter".
-Success rate of Command "Steal".
-Accuracy rate of Black Magic "Meteo".

Source: Final Fantasy IX Ultimania (2002), "Attribute Values" (\͒l), Studio Bentstuff/DigiCube, page 361.
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I always figured the Ultimania would have full mechanics. This topic is okay for general questions, but the specifics were figured out by board users years ago.
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Yeah, that layer of generality is kinda sad; you'd think diehards would be interested in the math. Guess it's not that important since it's old news to us, though...
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