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4 years ago#1
Well, I can't believe it myself, but I actually got back to work on the update today! And it was hell. I loaded up my Madain Sari save, and lots of hours later I'm still stuck at the Iifa Tree. I'm beginning to loathe this update.

I'll try it again a few times tomorrow, but only a few times, after that I'm busting out the GameShark. What is camdad's strategy there though (segment 2.19 inside the tree)? He mentions returning back up to Mocchi, but in his videos he does the entire thing in one go and with only 3 battles to boot.

Also, I'm not really seeing why the Garnet strategy is that much better. Maybe my luck is just crap, but it's far from making the segment "a joke" like handysproof claimed in the old topic.

And how many encounters should I have in that segment? camdad's video has 3, but in his refinements he says to return to Mocchi. It obviously can't be more than 7 since that's the current limit, but I dunno, should I be aiming for 4, 5, 6? In one go, or not?

Any help would be appreciated. I really want to get this over with by the end of the week at the absolute latest T___T
I never gained supreme ulti-complete status. I projected my mind approx 3 years into the future and realized it was going to be a waste of time
~ bastardpoetry
4 years ago#2
Hey there! Glad to see that you are back on your update! :D

Anyway, from how I remember, when I did the Iifa Tree, it was the hardest part of my challenge as well, so I feel your pain. The Dagger strategy is definitely the best one here. With it, Zidane will have more Trance in his gauge.

Is Dagger equipped with the Mythril Rod, Lamia's Tiara, Magic Armlet, Magician Robe, Maidan's Ring? If she is under Shell, she'll always survive a Zombie Breath. And me personally, maybe 4 battles would suffice since the newer strategies are faster IMO. And I would go through the whole segment in one shot, but saving there can be mentioned just in case.

Once she's Zombied, give her the Mythril Vest and Coral Ring, and Vivi the Oak Staff, Ritual Hat, - , Magician Robe, Peridot. And activate Protect Girls, Auto-Potion, and High Tide (with Sapphire). Only revive Zidane to full health. Everyone else can stay dead.

Zidane protects Dagger. For the enemy parties, the Zombie one can be Fled. Stroper, just hope for no Sweep. If Zidane dies, chuck a Soft with Dagger. Dracozombie, depends on what happens. If Zidane dies, chuck Elixir. If Dagger is hit by Thundara, have Dagger hit herself to put her to yellow HP and Flee.

For the forced battles, when the last Zombie stands, have Vivi cast Thundara on the party, sparing Dagger, who will finish the last Zombie. Then beat the Dracozombie.For Zombies, revive everyone and heal Vivi to full heath before fighting. For Dracozombie, DO NOT revive Zidane cause if he gets Zombied, that hard work will be gone.

Before Soul Cage, take everything off,of Zidane and give him the Black Belt and activate HP+20%. Now, use a Life spell so he's revived with 37 HP!! Then give him the equipment he needs (sorry, I forgot that part...) But, that's that. Good luck! :)
4 years ago#3
^Yeah, that's what I've been doing... :-( Thanks for the rundown for each formation, made things a bit more organized in my head.

Ghhh, I guess I'll return to my initial Mocchi save and try it all in one shot. 4 encounters it is then. Honestly, the worst part is getting out of the first screen!! So that scene with the lift really helps. On the second time through after re-saving, the encounter rate is off the charts, I swear I was able to make it to the lift only like 1 in 20 tries, it was sickening.

As for Zidane's HP, this is another thing I don't get. Why did camdad differentiate acc. to Path A and the others? At that point it's still all the same. I don't get the point of the whole Peridot-throwing sub-strategy. BlackBelt/HP20/Life is so much better, and I can confirm it works.
I never gained supreme ulti-complete status. I projected my mind approx 3 years into the future and realized it was going to be a waste of time
~ bastardpoetry
4 years ago#4
Because I believe the Black Belt is not needed for the other Paths, only for A. If it is though, then I don't see why not put that in for any Path. On the first screen, I hear ya!! The encounter rate is ridiculous!! >:( It does take many tries, and is the toughest screen to get past, so we shouldn't go back and save since you'll get a perfect Zombied Dagger, only to run into an encounter... The Black Belt gotten at Black Mage Village was to save some Gil for the 10 PR game.

Also, you can cast Blizzara on the,entire party on a Dracozombie fight once he's hit with a Tent. Then you can defend with Dagger to ?increase him missing you with his Strike while waiting for Zombie Breath. Wish I can see what you're doing to help out more, but all I can say is this segment sucks!!
4 years ago#5
camdad's recommendation was to hit the switch that makes the Healing Rod appear before going back to Mocchi, but of course you can do what you want. 4 or 5 encounters sounds like a good target to me. As far as the Black Belt goes, the reason he differentiated for Path A is because that's the only path that requires a Black Belt for Tantarian. All other paths are set to pick up the free Black Belt in BMV later when the mages are gone because it's faster then.
4 years ago#6
Ah, OK, thanks for the clarification. I decided to just have everyone get the Black Belt at the first opportunity to keep things simple. Good, keeps instructions simple in the Iifa Tree as well, and the few seconds you lose by getting it early are made up for by the few seconds you save not having to throw Peridot, IMO.

As long as CS is possible and still has a nice buffer at the end, then the others can suffer some minor sub-optimal instructions for the sake of guide simplicity/readability, since they will always have a MUCH bigger buffer regardless.
I never gained supreme ulti-complete status. I projected my mind approx 3 years into the future and realized it was going to be a waste of time
~ bastardpoetry
4 years ago#7
HOOORAYYYY, I made it through!! Took 5 battles and 16 min 25 seconds (exactly 17 minutes with the FMVs which I'm not skipping on my slim). That's 3 minutes longer than camdad's run (possibly not his best), but I had 2 extra battles, and I didn't have the best of luck with Tent-throwing, and Garnet had to dodge 2 Strike attacks from Dracozombie before he used Zombie Breath. But hey, I'm not camdad, and neither are 99% of the people who are gonna play this :P So I think it's good for now. If time ends up tight, then I'll revise this section for 4 battles and better Tent-throwing (i.e. 1 minute less). But until then, I'm moving on.

Edit: another major problem is the lag on my HDTV. I've got set to Game Mode, but the set just can't keep up with those lightning-fast menu operations. So I think I'll be losing some time there over the long run :/ It feels really unresponsive.

Next roadblock: (Mistodons) just around the corner.

As for Hippaul racing, I'm definitely not going to assume everyone can built some contraption for getting 5 levels per race, so I think I'll plan it as 12 races x 5 levels, and then 20 races x 1. IIRC it isn't THAT difficult to get to 60 5 at a time. Will see when I get there, haven't played this minigame in years.
I never gained supreme ulti-complete status. I projected my mind approx 3 years into the future and realized it was going to be a waste of time
~ bastardpoetry
4 years ago#8
If it only took you a day to get past that and on my best run doing this twice took me a week, then I'll take it (unless you Sharked it lol)!

By the way, I'll keep working on that program this week. It's mostly complete as it can be used for anyone. Just gotta tweak it up a bit. Good news is that I can update it anytime I want and aladore can rewrite it on his file sharing site, which makes it much easier on me when I get too busy to work on it. Can't wait till it's finally done and over with! :D
4 years ago#9
Nope, didn't shark it since I needed to encounter Dracozombie and I'm too lazy to add a joker command to my no encounters code.

But I'm having trouble with the Mistodons. I don't really understand the point behind camdad's changes here, since no one besids Vivi can reliably survive Mist and the Mistodons can use that no matter what. Vivi is quickly left all by himself. I wish I coudl cast Pearl Light - would let everyone survive BOTH Fira and Mist. I feel like there's no real strategy here, just hope that something somehow works :/

BTW, I'm not using the Zombie strategy. Maybe that would be better after all?

Edit: I guess it's just Silencing them ASAP. After that Vivi can pretty much solo them. The problem is then the 1 at the end. If no one except Vivi survives the 1st battle, then only Amarant is left to throw a Tent in the second. If he's fast enough. Or you Stop him on the 1st try :/
I never gained supreme ulti-complete status. I projected my mind approx 3 years into the future and realized it was going to be a waste of time
~ bastardpoetry
4 years ago#10
The top right Mistidon is a little stronger than the other when facing 2. With the equipment from camdad's strategy, Vivi can survive Head Attack 75% of the time. Vivi will always survive the weaker Mistodon's Mist, but only 40% of the time with the stronger one. And Vivi will always roast with any Fira, being his Magician Robe now gives him that weakness, even though it doesn't say in the game.

You will definitely need to stop the top right Mistidon first, seeing as he can kill Vivi no problem. Silencing them will help a lot. Me personally, I would rather not think of the Zombie strategy with Amarant, as he will only be alive on the last forced Mistidon and have no more Zombie. :/ If he wasn't healed from that, I would prefer the ATB to be in my favor and chuck an Elixir at it. But, the Stop method will be the one I like the most. So, Stop the top right one and Silence the other and hope,you survive Head Attack. That part definitely is difficult. Also, when running down the roots, aim for only 1 Mistidon battle, and 1 to 2 Stops should suffice.
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