Zidane is the best role model out of any Final Fantasy protagonist

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3 years ago#11
Well, if you'd like, check for us.

3 years ago#12
Vir27 posted...
Well, if you'd like, check for us.


Is it just me or are the textures in that video FARRRR smoother than I have ever seen FFIX look? The game has never looked that crisp for me while playing on PS2, emulator, or my Vita.
Space for rent........
3 years ago#13
Possibly? It looked emulated to me, but I'm not sure I'm most perceptive on the comparison. Here are some more if you want to check them:




The last one definitely looks lower quality.
3 years ago#14
I'd say out of every protagonist, the best one would be Bartz.
3 years ago#15
I think it's a little silly to be so upset about Zidane touching Garnet's butt one time. It's not like he held on long, or she was highly offended. They were flirting pretty much the whole game. It's a small group of friends traveling together in close quarters and spending every night sleeping very close by. I'd assume they'd be close enough for an occasional 'accidental grazing' to go by as a flirtatious gesture, as opposed to malicious sexual harassment.

I think it could also be argued he was just climbing up quickly... They are climbing onto an airship that is currently TAKING OFF and he accidentally touches the person's *** above . Then, he never 'gropes' her ever again throughout the entire game. An accident he obviously enjoyed, but he's 16...

He's a hot-headed kid that cares a lot about the people around him. Most of the other things add emotional depth. Zidane abandoning the others in Terra was him breaking down his happy-go-lucky attitude and letting the gravity of the situation overcome him. And the 'insults' to Steiner seemed more like a typical adult vs child trope. Stiener's always calling him a good for nothin', and Zidane is always calling him old and rusty. In the end they both obviously care for each other a great deal.

I agree with what you said about Ramza though, best FF hero imo. I think every character goes with the tone of the game though. FFT had a much, much more serious tone and the entire story was pretty much based around Ramza's personal growth while he came to know the truth of the world around him, which made for an extremely fleshed-out character.
3 years ago#16
itt feminist makes big deal out of guy doing nothing
3 years ago#17

the kidnapping isn't that big of a deal to me.

they were hired by the regent of the world's largest and most wealthy nation, and there was no harm intended. he wanted them to kidnap her from her horrifying circumstances for her own protection since as we've seen, her mother eventually tried to kill her.

plus, Tantalus are very professional. even though they didn't share the same concerns as Cid, they were gonna follow his orders and do nothing unethical. they weren't going to assault her or take advantage, they're just the transport.

and judging by the plot's display of Baku's character and his sense of morality, he likely wouldn't have taken a job from a sleaze or a dangerous man. they steal money and valuables regularly, but they're not hitmen or henchmen for people they see as dishonorable.

sure their thievery isn't right, but it's part of their character and they have limits. they're no different from any other businessmen, they set out to make money within their own moral limits and much in the nature of capitalism, they see it as if anyone who loses money to them did it of their own fault and should have protected it better. likewise others can target them and they accept the risk and they expect their rich targets to accept the risk of a visit from Tantalus as well. so it's a fair playing field, they only go after strong targets that can afford to protect their wealth, and if they don't protect it, Tantalus wins.

just like when Baku tests Zidane's willingness to fight for his right to leave the gang and save Garnet. it's Zidane's responsibility to be strong and take on a powerful foe and prove his willpower. if he didn't have enough willpower to fight for his beliefs, then he doesn't deserve to have the chance. so Baku fought him and made Zidane prove through sweat and blood that he was willing to save Garnet and that he deserved the right to make his own path separate from Tantalus.

you may not subscribe to the same morality, but clearly Tantalus has a set-in-stone morality, they aren't anarchists. they don't break every taboo and law, they just have a specific morality that's unique to them, and developed and illustrated clearly.
3 years ago#18
I don't happen to prefer this might makes right business ("if I can steal it, you don't deserve to keep it"; "I am justified to do what I want, if I can show sufficient force") as a personal character defense or for its extension into any of Tantalus' kidnapping activities, but beyond this sentence's assessment of your argument, I'm happy to let it and Xethidas' opinions stand unblemished. (I hope you'll forgive me, or else correct me if I've misrepresented you, manmouse, but "might makes right" seemed too fitting to what you said not to mention it if I was going to respond at all.) I already got to say my piece and it isn't so special that I want to try to make everybody share it.

I especially haven't wanted to be a stick in the mud, taking over a topic that started on the other foot, on Zidane's own board (not, of course, that FF9 is beyond criticism), so I was glad to have Xeth.'s argument present and now yours, too.

To be a good sport, though, I'll tell you you raise a point which could be good. Perhaps you're aware that Zidane knew the orders came from Cid, a relatively trusty figure as far as someone who orders Garnet's kidnapping can go. I was not aware and didn't immediately find your reasoning by scanning the script. If Zidane knew that the kidnapping was arranged by Cid, it wouldn't be quite well, but it would bolster his defense in my eyes at least somewhat.
3 years ago#19
well it's not so much might that Tantalus values, but desire.

if you desire to protect your wealth, than as a wealthy person you should be able to afford means to protect it (better architecture that can't be easily infiltrated, guards on duty, surveillance and easy notification to law enforcement, better hiding places, etc).

just like how Zidane was much smaller and less mighty than Baku, but his desire made him fight restlessly and proved that he deserved his freedom.

Tantalus seems to be built on a respect of desire. of course Baku wasn't incapacitated by Zidane, if he really wanted to crush him at that early point in the story i would be inclined to believe Baku could take him out in a fight to the death. but it was the fight that Zidane put up, regardless of whether or not he had the brawn in the first place, that displayed his desire. andin Baku's eyes that seems to have proven to him that Zidane was in the right.
3 years ago#20
Attempting whatever he has a desire to do sounds consistent with your descriptions and with the name 'Tantalus.' I would tend to agree that that's how he rolls, too. I'd be interested to hear more about it, if you've seen it as a system, in how he applies such a system to other people as well. I mean do you think so?
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