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Card arrows arrangement E2PG related

#21Cicatriz_ESP(Topic Creator)Posted 12/20/2013 8:22:24 AM
Above is the list of the unique cards and their respective arrow arrangements. A 'O' means there's an arrow in that spot. In case you may find the task of find a set arrow pattern for each card daunting, you may try to get these 7 cards as listed here and leave your save open for getting the other cards in the future. I don't mind: this, along with Chrono Cross are my favourite games, I'll gladly play hours of card games, just as I did many years ago, to make sure I make at list a bit of sense amidst the chaos that is Tetra Master. ^^
Sephiroth kills a lady and white materia drops to the floor. But when Cloud mows the lawn, it's brown materia that drops.