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3 years ago#1
Jewel - is there a way to go into the system and check these stats? I'm 15/15 accuracy doing jewel on the blue bird outside treno, so I'm starting to doubt the flat 50%. I think magic defense and magic evade must counter hugely into this equation. maybe even magic and level too...

I had it missing quite a bit with harder enemies so maybe that's why no one questioned this?

Also, the main problem with yan is the randomness of comet, although at higher levels it isn't so bad. Still, anything that tips the odds into my favor helps. So, is there anyway to evade comet more? Battle mech guide says simply its a RNG and nothing else. Is that true? Or will magic evade help here.

edit: have x button held down for jewel, it's pretty much 100% against the bird, haven't yet witnessed a miss. lvl 54 eiko

edt#2: nvm, apparently 50% is base, although usually there's a formula if other things factor into it. guess i'll check.

edit#3: reading the boards, most people don't know this either. I think the FAQ could've been organized MUCH better. The confusion lies in the fact that jewel is listed under white magic where there is no formula for accuracy. every other white magic is 100% almost, so people just assume jewel is flat 50%
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3 years ago#2
Nope RNG only as in with all the best armors equipped ie all from the Chocobo subquest like the entire genji armor set on both Freya and Steiner I never had the Yans Comet miss and always had it do over 5000+ damage.

Which even at level 70 is a instant kill in fact as soon as I inputting in Night + Odin I had a group of Yans Comet my entire party to death before both the sleep and instant kill effect of Odin went into effect.

That's under auto haste + wait mode + the slowest battle speed and even auto life wouldn't have helped me since as soon as the revive effect would kick in I'd have the Yans kill me again with Comet all in the same turn resulting in a game over like 15 seconds into the fight.

That's why I will only use Grand Dragons for all exp levels from level 40 to level 99 as for Jewel I never use it.
3 years ago#3
Comet damage is just random, but its still mitigated like any other magic damage spell, so Magic Defense will help
although if you know the timing on Night, you should almost never get hit by Comet and if you do, itll be only a few times
Auto-Life will help recovery against those deaths though

EDIT: obviously though, if youre going for max stats, then you cant change your gear for that anyway :p

as for Jewel, if you say that its different, then thats news to me, as far as i know its the flat 50%
3 years ago#4
lol vegh... i think he is a bot. i would be more inclined to listen to his ramblings if he didn't lie so much.

comet misses plenty for me already
"No amount of creativity is gonna get a Probe past a wall-in or an Observer past a Turret." ~ EGHuK
Masters Protoss
3 years ago#5
I had comet connect 100% and always had it do 5000+ damage.

But yes after inputting in Night + Odin I still had a group of Yans all use Comet twice before the animation for both Night and Odin got shown on screen killing the entire party at full HP at level 70.

Yes I set the battle speed to the slowest played under wait not active mode and still had the Yans Comet the entire party before I could have my pc's turns actually be used in the said battle.

But because I had the Yans take the 2 turns before I took even one auto life won't help me beat them since I just die again in the same turn after beating auto revived.

Hence the only time I fought Yan's is to fight the Friendly one to easily beat Ozma but still saved the game just in case the non friendly ones show up.
3 years ago#6
I'd guess it probably follows the standard status effect formula, which is:

Chance = Status Accuracy + Lvl + [Mag / 4] - Target Level

In this case, "Status Accuracy" would be 50.

For Comet, it's pretty well established that it ignores Magic Defense. Magic Evade should still help, though.
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3 years ago#7
Well all the best chocobo based equips like then genji armors still boost magic defense/evade and I still had Steiner and Freya die from 1 comet use and never had it miss.
3 years ago#8
show us a vid vegh of it not missing 10 times in a row vegh (:
"No amount of creativity is gonna get a Probe past a wall-in or an Observer past a Turret." ~ EGHuK
Masters Protoss
3 years ago#9
I can't I don't own a camera etc to post youtube videos at all but yes when attempting to get the Friendly Yan to show up only to fight the normal ones I never had Comet miss at all and always had it do over 5000 damage and no PC at level 70 has that much HP.
3 years ago#10
hey vegh, when was the last time you actually played this game?
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