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What gear do you guys prefer using with Freya for stat growth?

#1wpninjaPosted 12/27/2013 5:37:05 PM
Also what makes boosting her magic worth while?
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#2ertfertPosted 12/28/2013 2:46:28 PM
the only thing that Freya uses magic for is MP
the only heavy MP cost spell thats good is Dragon Breath, so thats all magic is worth for her
#3easytoremember8Posted 12/28/2013 4:21:46 PM
grand dragons
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#4monkeyslingerPosted 12/28/2013 5:55:54 PM
Venetia Shield and Minerva's Plate all the way. For helmets, a mix of Barbut and Kaiser Helm. For addons, Barette is a really good one for her. Also good are Dark Matter and Pearl Rouge.
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#5VeghEstherPosted 12/29/2013 2:46:22 PM
As long as Dragons Crest does 9999 for me it doesn't matter which armors/add on's I gave her per level up.

Though even after having DC as above do 9999 damage via killing 100 Grand Dragons I still kept on killing them for levels (so I never removed) coral rings from the entire party while still fighting them.
#6kacavelikiPosted 12/30/2013 8:09:51 PM
Why not put auto reflect and antibody on and use any accessory you want? <.<
#7Demonic_EssencePosted 12/31/2013 10:39:09 AM(edited)
Who actually sets equipment for stat growth seems like a pain in the ass, games easy enough as it is.
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#8ertfertPosted 12/31/2013 1:44:32 PM
Demonic_Essence posted...
Who actually sets equipment for stat growth seems like a pain in the ass, games easy enough as it is.

perfectionists, has nothing to do with the game difficulty
#9JukainPosted 1/1/2014 1:23:36 AM
I don't understand the max stats ideal anyway when there isn't a single answer, base stats is much more perfect to me. There is only one outcome.
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#10VeghEstherPosted 1/1/2014 8:01:58 AM
For Grand Dragons I rather use its thundaga magic as healing spells hence never using auto reflect when level 5 deathing them.