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2 years ago#1
the gameplay is broken because:
- mages have more defense than melee (wut)
- you can exploit the game easily, money is easy to find and there is too much worthless loot (seriously i synthed the ogre in disk one and it appears again in a treasure chest twice, once in disk 2 and again in disk 3, why do i need 3 of the same weapon?) plus you can deal max damage very early in the game
-game is too easy only got a game over three times and it was on the last two boss fights, two of them were because of a really cheap move that can give all status ailments to your characters including instant death.
-so many cheap skills you can learn that can make the game a cakewalk, sacrifice, aura, passive skills that help out can also be pretty cheap.
-capacity points are earned upon leveling and there isn't a balanced cap so you can equip too many skills making the game ridiculously easy
-no multi hit attacks making equipment pointless as dealing max damage (9999) is possible without best equips and best equips don't make much difference.
-excalibur 2 is stupid, force players to speed run a game just to get a weapon that is completely worthless aside from 100% completion.
-trance is useless for some characters and overpowered for others (zidane is op at start of the game and vivi is op at the end, garnet is completely useless as her trance is literally broken).
-trance is random and pointless, just makes game easier, no skill/strategy involved

-disk 1 is a pointless, run around in circles plot and it is very short, the characters accomplish nothing, there is also quite a bit of pointless filler.
-disk 2 is the best part of the game, and that's saying something as it mostly involves going through boring locations only to get your butt kicked by the same boss over and over, it's not even funny, the plot follows a rinse/repeat scenario until you get to the halfway mark, where things start to pick up, if only a little
-disk 3 is where everything falls about, quickly. after the scene which directly rips off Shakespeare, the plot begins to become senseless and stupid, at the beginning you do something insane and stupid (i won't spoil) and you are sent on a wild goose chase which ends in disaster, after doing lots of pointless filler, involving running through the same dungeon two times in a row because one of your characters decides to go back in there and you have to save him by going all the way back in the dungeon to get him back (i would have just left him there, worthless character anyways) next the game directly rips off star ocean the second story (you will see) and you find out that the game rips off not only that but the entire star ocean series (if it wasn't already obvious at the beginning of the game) and you have a cliché villain who is pointless and serves no purpose other that to give the main character an emo moment (which is ironically one of the most critically acclaimed scenes in gaming for some reason) and is killed off really early i won't say how because it's a spoiler.
-disk 4 sidequests! lots of sidequests! and they're all linear, great. so you can't do them in any order you please. the side quests require a lot of time investment and are really boring and you get rubbish rewards. i just skipped to the final dungeon which is filled with bosses which appear on invisible triggers with no warning (really, you couldn't be bothered to add a model or something or at least some sort of cutscene, heck you could have at least added a save point before the encounter jeeze). the final dungeon is full of pointless cutscenes that make absolutely no sense and you are teleported to a generic final area where you fight the final bosses. oh and the final boss is infamously known as one of the worst final bosses in video game history and is cheap and annoying. the ending is a shaggy dog story (great).

**** this game
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2 years ago#2
2 years ago#3
If only they had a place on this site where you can write reviews....if only.....
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2 years ago#4
C- trolling.

Leads off with an obscure & irrelevant point, most of the plot criticism was a retelling of the plot with words like 'worthless' added, and was generally tough to read. Should have attacked Vivi's character or something people care about to create a stir. Should have criticized the 'kiddy' art style.
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2 years ago#5
penance44 posted...

yes i'm mad that this game sucks and that i paid real money for it...
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2 years ago#6
Oh i forgot to mention the worst part of this game, the characters, here they are.

zidane: the main character, completely unlikeable, is a hypocrite and is a complete moron who makes a fool out of himself, his personality is also inconsistant and it's not because of character development because zidane doesn't develop, don't bother mentioning that "your not alone" scene because that scene just made him emo for no reason and didn't change his character even a little, all it accomplish was proving that he was a total hypocrite, heck even one of the characters says it to his face, and it just turns out to be the worst character.

vivi: overrated magic user who's model looks exactly like the black mage from the first game, they didn't use their imagination whatsoever with this character, all he talks about is his necrophobia all game, he's the only character to develop a little and i at least praise him for that

garnet: think schala from chrono trigger but playable and stupider. garnet does some really dumb things, she changes her name to dagger to conceal her identity (suspicious much). the only purpose in her character is to act as a love interest to the main character which is terrible by the way as the relationship doesn't develop at all, it just happens out of the blue. plus her character design is lazy and rather odd, shes supposed to be a princess and she wears what appears to be a really tight yellow jumpsuit which is impractical and doesn't go with her character class (robes would be more fitting) and red boots, that's about it. i mean i know she's trying to blend in with the commoners but did she really need to go this far? The worst part of her character is that the writers got lazy and decided to give her absolutely no dialogue for an entire disk, using the excuse that "she's depressed". funnily enough a similar thing happens to Alicia in Valkyrie profile 2 (awesome game by the way) but it instead serves to develop her character rather than making her emo and mute. yes this game did come out many years later but it proves that this kind of character arc is possible without having to remove any dialogue, this essentially proves garnet to be a weak character.

steiner: ever heard of much ado about nothing? it's a Shakespearean play that this game makes references to so many times, considering you have, steiner is basicly a clumsier version of benedick. he is an annoying character that never shuts up and constantly spews out the most idiotic dialogue ever. i really wish i could skip all of his dialogue because he is so annoying, it's like watching a character from a bad Monty Python rip off. he is basically the glorified idiot of the game, to be put simply.

freya: freya is emo and has no personality, but her character is connected to the plot in some way. her character is so boring and her back story is bland, even in the ending where *SPOILERS*she gets reunited with her lover*SPOILERS* there is very little emotion and the scene is just bland. Lame character, but not the worse.

quina: best character in the game, no really he/she is. quina looks like a white lickitung from pokemon who is obsessed with food and is fat, let us move on.

eiko: has the worst costume ever even worse than garnets (i didn't think it would be possible) and is jailbait and flirts with zidane all the time, pay her no attention and you might same yourself a braincell seriously why does this character exist?
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2 years ago#7
amarant: and i saved the worst for last, amarant is, like freya, emo and pointless, with no personality but unlike freya, has absolutely no connection to the plot whatsoever and just joins for the ride, what makes him the worst character? remember that one dungeon that i said you had to enter twice to get a character back? this is that character, amarant is arrogant (probably fitting considering his name starts with an a and ends with a t) and thinks he is superior to everyone because he is the only character that is not annoying, or so he tries to be. actually he is the most annoying character in the game because he never shuts up about being emo and dialogue boxes are wasted on him as he says "... ..." most of the time. heck he even questions the meaning of life and friendship. what an idiot.
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2 years ago#8
wpot posted...
C- trolling.

Leads off with an obscure & irrelevant point, most of the plot criticism was a retelling of the plot with words like 'worthless' added, and was generally tough to read. Should have attacked Vivi's character or something people care about to create a stir. Should have criticized the 'kiddy' art style.

if i was trolling then i would have criticized everything but it didn't, disk 2 is good up to disk 3, it also has a pretty good soundtrack in some parts.
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2 years ago#9
I like character diversity. I'm sick of predictable characters. And that's the best part about this plot, it's unpredictable. Unlike FF12 which... you could see the finished puzzle halfway through the game. I like the character buildup of Vivi and how they make him a frail kid that seeks answers. Zidane makes for a good protagonist as he never really does anything disagreeable. Sure, I can't stand Steiner, but how boring would it be if all characters were cooperative? Conflict adds excitement.

As for gameplay mechanics, indeed it's not the best FF game out there, but I love its simplicity. I also like the unique system of attaining abilities through gear/weapons. Sorry kid but if you were looking for nothing more than a remake of a game you once played a long time ago, then you should have just replayed it differently.

Also, it's not just about calculating numbers and reading dialog, it's quite a nostalgic adventure. I just arrived in Lindblum, and I'm quite pissed that I sold both my Mage Mashers only to have to re-buy them again!
2 years ago#10
cool story bro.
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