Please give feedback on FF9 mod; probable spoilers

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2 years ago#51
I'll be uploading a new version for the simple cosmetic purpose of making the modified tooltip text red where it would have been normally. Previously, this was not possible so I just left the elements alone, I think. Now HW can do it, but there's a slight bug in that HW shadows the red text. I'm just waiting a couple days to see if the author posts that it's doing red normally now, or else shadowed red text will be fine.

I'll probably just lower the MP cost on Six Dragons. The status options I was considering don't feel they would fit in. aladore's revelation that even a very well informed player might only value keeping the strongest damage moves has persuaded me not to start questioning moves that do have a distinct niche just because that niche is tactically underwhelming to me. BUT I'm all for questioning really bizarre MP costs: 28 mp to have my party's numbers shuffled? Maybe if it hit enemies, too, but it does not.

If all characters hp and mp were very low, it would be little risk to use this. If you wanted low hp (Limit Glove, Charge) on some characters really fast, this has a very small chance to make that happen in one turn for you. But for restoration Curaga is cheaper (22), as is White Wind (14, or half the price for guaranteed healing) and Phoenix is only a little more expense (32) to guarantee sizable fire damage to the foe and full revival to all.

Now, true, Freya isn't a healer and it's quite understandable to me that she shouldn't necessarily have really efficient outside her primary niche (that's how I understand Revive's cost). But I think the random element and the potentially MUCH higher mp cost when someone's mp drops to 1 (advantageous in virtually no situation) cover that pretty well.

So I'm going to lower the mp cost probably to be more in line with other "gambling" moves.
2 years ago#52
Man, I was trying new setups as I have yet to master FF9's mechanics, and what's efficient on battle.

From a perfect stats party LV99, I used to give low priority to Killer abilities. But in fact they are quite efficient as most high HP enemy end game are classified to a Type.

So I got rid off Sleep immune, Heat&Freeze immune and some other useless abilties. Now I deal even more damage ! o/

While I was at it, I checked Rebirth Flame's Battle Mechanics Guide. Am I right to understand that if Accuracy+ (2 Magic Stones) is active, then even under Darkness status one couldn't miss his hit, therefore making Bright Eyes (3 Magic Stones) completely useless ?
2 years ago#53
That's how it reads: Darkness modifies the "Checks" and there is no checks when Accuracy+ is equipped. Odd.
2 years ago#54
Technically it does still have a use because Darkness also causes you to be unable to evade.
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2 years ago#55
Nice point, monkeyslinger.
2 years ago#56
Vir27 posted...
Nice point, monkeyslinger.

Yep, thanks monkey :)
2 years ago#57
Decided against "balancing" Six Dragons' mp cost. Why? Because I looked seriously at some other mp costs. There'll be a lot of balancing to do if I start. I might yet.

But I did want to upload an update now that Hades Workshop can do the tooltip text in colors like the game does. So now The Tower, for example, has "Elem Atk: Wind" with 'Wind' in red. If anyone were playing the mod, they could patch some clean ISOs and then keep playing their file no problem.
2 years ago#58
Bad news about Thunder Slash. It seems that setting it to Physical Attack won't take the Thunder Element into account.

I set it to Physical Attack via HW, then equipped Steiner with the Ragnarok sword. I then used Thunder Slash against a Gimme Cat and he did not absorb it while he is supposed to do so with every element.

So much about closure, right Atomos199 ? :/

EDIT : For now, setting it to Magical Weapon instead seems to work but I have to think this through again now... The idea of setting to Physical Attack came up as obvious to me mostly due to Terence's theory that the ID of "attack type" and "power" were switched but now I don't know what to think.
2 years ago#59
Huh. Good catch! I never noticed before, but none of the non-spells have an element!

I'll test as a Magic Weapon and let you know within the hour :)
2 years ago#60
Yes, a user of a french board going by the name of spdf noticed this while trying my patch, so credits go to him for seeing that :)
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