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User Info: WoIfOfLight

2 years ago#1
They're a little all over the place, some go with the story but most are on your own stuff or semi-easy. Feel free to add to it

1. Purple Heart -- Reached End of Disc One
2. A New Era -- Reached End of Disc Two
3. War of the Worlds -- Reached End of Disc Three
4. Bring My Beloved Dagger Back to Me! -- Completed the game
5. Catch The Frog -- Never let Cid get spotted during the hourglass minigame
6. Don’t Touch the Lava! -- Completed the Cid minigame on the first try.
7. Level Up!-- Get one character to level 99
8. Power Pact -- All characters at level 99
9. A Gem’s Wrath -- Learn one summon
10. A Summoner’s Skill -- Learn every summon between Dagger and Eiko
11. Trance! -- go into Trance once
12. Grand Leathal! -- Use all of Zidane's Dynes once
13. A Thief's Ability -- Learn all of Zidane's skills
14. Dragon's Crest -- Learn all of Freya's Skills
15. A Magician's Secret -- Learn all of Vivi's Black Magic
16. Good Eatin'! -- Learn all of Quina's Blue Magic
17. Restoration -- Learn all of Eiko's and Dagger's White Magic
18. A Soldier's Duty -- Learn all of Steiner's Sword Arts
19. The Flaming Amarant -- Learned all of Amarant's Flairs
20. A Qu's Meal -- Get Quina in the party in Disc One
21. Kupo? -- Delivered one Mognet letter
22. Kupo kupo!! -- Delivered every Mognet letter
23. The Ultimate fiend -- Defeated Omza
24. The Ultimate dish -- Defeated Qu Quan
25. The Ultimate book -- Defeated Tantarian
26. The Ultimate Synthsis -- Defeated Hades
27. Kweh?! -- Discover one Chocograph
28. KWEEEEH!!! -- Your chocobo is now able to fly!
29. Kweh! Kweh! -- Find all the Chocographs.
30. Spicy -- Find one dead pepper treasure
31. Smoking Hot -- Find all the Dead Pepper treasure
32. The Jumping Master -- Get every treasure in the Jump Rope game
33. His true name?! -- Discovered Four-Arms true name.
34. My name is... -- Discover the Elidion Wall's secret.
35. Excalibur II -- Reached Lich in under 12 Hours.
36. The Ultimate Card Collector -- Collect every card.
37. Good Meals -- Catch one Frog in Qu's Marsh
38. Bon Appite! – Catch 50 Frogs in Qu’s Marsh
39. Check please! – Catch 99 Frogs in Qu’s Marsh
40. My Swamp! -- Visit every Qu's Marsh
41. Not Alone -- You're Not Alone!!
42. The Zodiac's Tale -- Collect every Stellizio
43. Crime and Punishment -- View the Crime and Punishment ATE
44. A Good Drink -- Found all the Coffees and delivered them.
45. Doge and Une -- Listened to the song in the Black Mage Village Inn.
46. It’s in my Ability! – One character has every ability
47. Ability Up! – Every character has all abilities learned
48. Monster Fighter – Defeat every Monster in the cage at Treno
49. You Can Reach the Big Guy! – Complete the Friendly Monster Quest
50. Baaaah! – Killed 20 Yans
51. BAAAAAAAAAAH!!! – Killed the Friendly Yan
52. It’s for Attacking! – Had Every Weapon at least once [Minus Excalibur II]
53. A Fancy Hat – Had Every Headgear at least once
54. A Cool Watch – Had Every Wrist at least once
55. A Nice Suit – Had Every Shirt at least once
56. Some Knock-Off Jewelry – Had Every Add-on at least once
57. Treasure Hunter – Open 100 Chests
58. On Fire! – Collect 8 treasures in Chocobo Hot n’ Cold
59. From Rags to Riches – Collect over 99999 Gil
60. Master of Racing – Get Hippoul up to Level 100
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User Info: Pibugo

2 years ago#2
Missable achievements, especially when there's a lot of them and in a game without a new game+, sucks big time. But since this is imaginary, I can't see why not :)

Anyway, here are some:

61. This minigame is broken! -- Play a hot & cold game on the PAL version
62. I'm not playing it -- play hot & cold once in your initial visit to Chocobo Forest, and never play it again (unlocks after delivering the finishing blow to the final boss)
63. I hate these -- throw 99 Save the Queens in one battle.
64. Once in a lifetime sight -- See Alexandria with the sword intact, in the overworld
65. Trolled by developers -- Impress 100 Nobles in the Japanese version.
66. Her voice was lost... forever. -- Using a Golden Chocobo, enter Ipsen's Castle before having an airship.
67. You suck! -- get the lowest possible Treasures Hunter rank.
68. Excalibur II 2.0 -- Reached Lich in under 12 Hours without saving.
69. No dates for you! -- Fail Festival of the Hunt on your first encounter.
70. WHAT!? -- Use Thunder Slash.
71. The fight that destroyed many Playstations -- Kill Shinryu.
72. Don't throw your controller! -- Get 999 jumps in the rope skipping minigame.

I give up, I can't think of any more fun ones. I'll get back to it later, maybe :D
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User Info: aladore384

2 years ago#3
Hahaha, I laughed very much on some of your trophies Pibugo, good job :)

There is only one I don't understand though :
65. Trolled by developers -- Impress 100 Nobles in the Japanese version.

What is special about the Japanese version of the Duel ?

User Info: Pibugo

2 years ago#4
aladore384 posted...
What is special about the Japanese version of the Duel ?

Turns out, that in the Japanese version you get 900 Gil rather than 10k. I mean, you still get the Moonstone but we don't need that, we all do it for the money anyway :)
The stuff I do/post isn't 100% BS -VeghEsther

User Info: aladore384

2 years ago#5
OMG, 900 Gils ? Hahahaha, ok now I get your achievement :)

User Info: goodknife

2 years ago#6
i can't come up with a good name so..

73. answer all the Ragtime Mouse questions right
74. give diamond to a Gimme Cat
75. get Collector's level 1699 in tetra master
76. get Collector's level 1700 in tetra master
77. completed the nero family's sidequest
78. get an Aloha T-shirt
79. open all the doors in Gizamaluke's Grotto

User Info: aladore384

2 years ago#7
76. "The Collector" - get Collector's level 1700 in tetra master

At least this way you can earn the final rank in some way !

User Info: UselessSazh

2 years ago#8
A typo to correct:"Bon appétit!"

Anyway,here some:
-Long life Brahne: answer 60 times "kidnap queen Brahne"
-GamerGirlXXX: play with only female characters(except zidane) for the whole duration of disc four(quina included)
-Answer This!: attack Ragtime
-bye bye,mon Cheri: realize Beatrix can't be played throughout the game
-Uuuuh...: let Gilgamesh pickpocket Vivi
-Noble's desire: buy all the items at the auction house
-I'm a good guy,I swear: don't steal with any of the characters with the "steal" ability
-Uhmmm interesting:stare at the barrel with steiner
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User Info: MysterPixel

2 years ago#9
89. Atkins Diet: Whenever Quina is available every regular enemy must be defeated by being eaten.

User Info: NBtheGameMaster

2 years ago#10
90. Vegh-less: Defeat all applicable bosses in the game without defeating a Grand Dragon or using Level 5 Death, Limit Glove, or fixed damage.

inb4 Vegh ;)
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