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What happen if max out? (Archived)pjng99310/19 2:28PM
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Question about ending (obvious spoilers are obvious!) for any ff9 lore gurus (Archived)
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easytoremember81210/19 11:08AM
No way to finish Moogle Network Side Quest on disc 4 (Archived)wolfgard hannusen610/19 12:17AM
Cinna showing up as Quina while looking for Fossil Roo (Archived)seancass33610/17 11:46PM
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Freya....... (Archived)
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Soulcage boss question (Archived)
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MLenne1410/16 1:21PM
why do you think this is the best FF game without spoilers? (Archived)BignutzisBack910/16 9:33AM
Just stole Mythril Sword from Beatrix. (Archived)Unintelligent210/15 12:09PM
Fairy Flute... (Archived)
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MetalGearPoose1210/14 4:33PM
30 Seconds in Pandemonium?Spoilers! (Archived)wolfgard hannusen910/13 10:20AM
Funniest moments in the game? (obvious spoilers) (Archived)
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MLenne2910/13 8:27AM
Ragtime Mouse Trick. (Archived)wolfgard hannusen310/12 5:03AM
Does anyone know how "trouble" works exactly? (Archived)easytoremember8910/11 8:44AM
How hard are the sidequests compared to other games of the series? (Archived)
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saint351510/10 4:17PM
Random Things I Like About This Game *spoilers* (Archived)MLenne110/9 2:35PM
FF Character Appreciation Topic (Archived)
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Archmonk Iga2910/9 2:18PM
Excalibur 2 ps3 download PAL version (Archived)dharra14510/9 9:58AM