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Where is the best place to get AP before... (Archived)invincibleirvin28/15/2008
jump rope mini-game (Archived)
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simple question (Archived)fatlippunk28/15/2008
Golden Frogs (Archived)xoxJayoxo48/15/2008
DIsc 3 troubles (spoilers) (Archived)SwordMaster2768/15/2008
Amarant as the main character? (Archived)
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Need some help about Ethers, Elixirs, and Ores, and Ancient Aroma. (Archived)SoftReset88/15/2008
A bad song?!? (Archived)
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purpose of the hammer (Archived)Undertiming28/15/2008
Getting 100 on the sword fight (Archived)doomedchocolate88/14/2008
disk four (Archived)Undertiming48/14/2008
What's the fastest way to level up Thievery? (Archived)
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The hell happened to my happy story!? (Mild Spoilers) (Archived)
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Where can I find a Pearl Rouge? (Archived)CloudSith506058/14/2008
If you use Frog Drop, does the number of captured frogs go back to 0? (Archived)SuperAngelo12858/14/2008
How long does it take Qu's Marshes to regenerate? (Archived)tdb68/14/2008
I figured out how to use the Impress All Nobles and Queen Gameshark cheat (Archived)donutbandit058/13/2008
Steiner's abilities such as Bug/Beast/etc Killer.. how do I use these? :| (Archived)
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Is there a list somewhere of the eatable monsters for Blue Magic in order of... (Archived)RHCProxYOsox68/13/2008
What's the best way to level up to 99 by the end of this game? (Archived)
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