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5 years ago#1
Just finished the game after putting it aside almost 8 years ago!!! And it was one hell of a game!

I was wondering if there were any other games similar to this, or more precisely another game that offers the same flexibility and variety in classes and skills which allow players to exploit/and discover many different ways of playing the game! I loved going through each class and finding a good fit for my play style, and the whole medieval setting is cool.

So, right now i've picked up Valkyria Chronicles 1 and 2... but I was wondering if there are any other gems like this out there that I have yet to come across.

I've played/finished so far (Note that they aren't all SRPGs, but they do offer ways to customize your characters):

Jeanne D'Arc (the first SRPG I ever played on the psp and super fun)
Tactics Ogre: LUCT (extremely fun)
Wild Arms XF (surprised at how undervalued this game is)
Most of the Fire Emblems (old school, but fun)
Bahamut Lagoon (this was a gem)
Star Ocean 1, 2 and 3 (star ocean 2 was one of my favs back in high school)
Front Mission (awesome back in the days)
Disgaea 1, 2 (Not much of a fan of the system and the endless leveling)
Z.H.P. (very customizable, but at one point it gets out of hand, much like disgaea)
Riveria (meh)
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (enjoyable, but lack of extra content)
30 second hero (really fun)
Cladun (I enjoyed this more than some of NIS's other games)

I own a PSP, as you can see most of the games listed are on that handheld, and thinking of buying a DS if there are games as fun or better than the ones listed.

I tried to keep my list short and not include the ~50-100+ rpgs and srpgs that i've played on the SNES, PSX and PS2.

Thought if there are any other games similar to the ones listed that did not show up in this list, please notify me :)


and special thanks to Efrate for giving me that extra push to restart and finish FFT!
5 years ago#2
You're welcome! =-)

The problem with comparing other games to tactics is tactic does what it does better than just about anything else similar. Other strategy RPGs (especially older ones) tend to be a more a turn based RPG with movement on the battlefield being the extent of options, barring maybe a clasa change. Not much else gives as much customization. Off the top of my head, the original Ogre Battle for SNES, though a different style, does give you a lot of options, and is just a great game.

As far as I'm concerned, FFT does pretty much everything right. Its kinda the best of the best, but I am horribly biased. I summon the ranks of gamers to be informative!
That was the greatest post I have ever read on these boards, Effy. I laughed, I cried, I ate a whole gallon of ice cream.
5 years ago#3
haha, I have to agree it does put itself in a class of its own. And to clear any bias, I don't like to categorize games all into one category as every game has their own system and each will have their pros and cons. FFT lends to the player an array of possibilities and options to help them really suit the game towards their liking, and it does well in swaying the player away from going one specific class by letting the special characters change jobs and inherit other skills.

I forgot to mention that I also played Ogre Battle 64 haha, and on another note I'm a sucker for secret/special chars in rpgs and srpgs! Note games like Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, breath of fire 2, tactics ogre, Final Fantasy 3/7, Dragon Age, FFT (haha), Z.H.P, etc etc.

I just find that this game put loads of content and didn't fail to deliver it, whereas most of the new games coming out are terrible at doing so.

I didn't think you'd be quick to reply to me and much less thought that you'd be the first to see my message haha. Thanks again Efrate.
5 years ago#4
Tactics Ogre
Official Alma Beoulve | Catiua Pavel of the GameFAQ Forums
5 years ago#5
beat tactics ogre LUCT and the one on GBA :S. Thanks tho any other suggestions...?? :P
5 years ago#6
Ohhh yeah... I recognize your name now that I think about it.

Umm.. I got my hands on Valkyrie Profile:CotP and FFTA2.


FFTA2 is awesome.
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5 years ago#7
Orrr... If you have a Wii you can download Shining Force II on your virtual console. Good SRPG honestly. Old skool too.
Official Alma Beoulve | Catiua Pavel of the GameFAQ Forums
5 years ago#8
Never played ogre battle 64, not sure how similar it is to the SNES version. If you just want good strategy games.

Shining Force 1and 2 for Sega Genesis, Shining Force CD for Sega CD

Der Langrisser SNES
Langrisser 1 Genesis

Grandia 3 for Dreamcast/PSX is a traditional RPG, but has a more strategic combat system.

Ogre Battle, March of the Black Queen for SNES.

Master of Monsters for Genesis.

Robotech for SNES, again its a traditional RPG but has some interesting options on differing ways to do things.

Fire Emblem Series for NES/SNES/GBA/GC The first one especially for GBA is quite good, the second nerfs a decent bit of stuff but isn't bad, and the older SNES/NES have translations floating around and are decent, though the series has evolved quite a bit from the first few.

Vandal Hearts 1 and 2 for PSX is far from great but might be worth a look, decent but not spectacular.

FFTA2 is supposedly a far cry better than FFTA, haven't played it personally though.

And of course, FFT 1.3. or for easytype, changes a lot and is similar to playing a new game, and ramps difficulty drastically.

I have tons of older regular RPGs that are solid taking up brain space if yer interested.
That was the greatest post I have ever read on these boards, Effy. I laughed, I cried, I ate a whole gallon of ice cream.
5 years ago#9
Not sure how most ppl like the battle system in Grandia 3 but I really enjoyed it and have not thought of that game in quite some time. If you can pick up Enchated Arms for $5 or less its ok to kill some time and has an interesting take on battles, but its really easy and not superbly done.
5 years ago#10
Front Mission (awesome back in the days)

Does this mean you've only played the first one?
3-5 are all available in English (5 got a fan translation), and the Gun Hazard spin-off is pretty fun, too.

Disgaea 1, 2 (Not much of a fan of the system and the endless leveling)

This might not catch your fancy then, but Phantom Brave, while similar, does many things differently
and the customization options are awesome, Owl Ninja with a laser-shooting fish, anyone?

Grandia Xtreme lets you choose your party (almost always) freely and customize it with mana eggs and a ****load of skills.
It's usually regarded as the Grandia with the best gameplay, while the story is neither great nor horrible.

In Jade Cocoon 1/2 you can customize your monsters by fusing them together (in 1 visually, as well, which was awesome),
Jade Cocoon 2 has a pretty unique battle system that makes planning your monsters' placement and abilities a focus.

The Wizardry series are heavy on party building options, Wizardry 8 is a phenomenal game.

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