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7 years ago#1
I'm totally psyched. I'm looking to change my Ninja/Thief into an Assassin/Thief.

Issues? Well, normally, I'd try to be a little more self-sufficient, but I'm afraid I can't quite get a grasp of everything gone over in the GS Handbook despite it being a terrific guide. If someone who knows their way around GS and what have you, all I'm looking for is to make my six unit Ninja/Thief into an Assassin/Thief with Use Hand primary skill and Steal secondary, along with the Assassin sprite. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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7 years ago#2
do you want assassin in base class? i can help you with that o.o
7 years ago#3
My guess is no. I may have read wrong, but shouldn't the base class stay Squire? Or does it not matter? I mean, I just want it to be set up as if the Assassin is any other class which is mastered and currently selected. Wouldn't that make it a current job, not base?
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7 years ago#4
I just realized what base class actually is and I feel like an idiot. Yes, that would be terrific, actually. How would it work learning/using skills as well as graphically? The two assassin codes I've tried both turned her into Chapter 1 Ramza with either a Malak or Rafa portrait. Not exactly what I'm looking for, sadly.

Also, it's my 7th character, not 6th. I made a mistake.
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7 years ago#5
I'm guessing you used these two codes in your attempts:

3005xx74 002E
3005xx76 002E
3005xx74 002D
3005xx76 002D

You "might" need to change the gender of your characters too.

3005xx78 00?0 (?=> 4=female, 8=male, 2=monster) The two assassins should be female so if you used male generics, use this code 3005xx78 0040 to prevent conflicts.

Both assassins uses Ramza as the picture in the formation screen. And according to the Battle Mechanics Guide, using either assassins will result in the glitched graphics you mentioned. I don't think you can do anything about that the sprite. It's hard coded, sorry. If you want an aesthetically pleasing looks, you have to go for something else. Use the BMG to find sprites/jobs with (+) marks. Actually, BMG does a better job of organizing certain things so you should use that in conjunction with the Gameshark Handbook.

If you are willing to go without the assassin sprite, then there's a pretty easy way to give all your guys Use Hand in their base jobs i.e. squire. First, change everyone into a unique character class that doesn't appear in battle like Balmafula (she's got perfect graphics but Ovelia and Alma also works) and then change the skill set of her Arc Witch base job into Use Hand:

3005xx74 0021
3005xx76 0021

Use above set for each character to be changed.

300616E8 0036 (3006www8 00?? is the reference code if you want to Cont+F it in the handbook. www=16E is the target job, Arc Witch, to be changed, ??=36 change job to Use Hand)

The reason why I recommend this and not directly change the squire's Basic Skills into Use Hand is because this is a general code. The skill set of the target character will be altered including those of enemies so unless you want to fight enemy squires with assassin abilities, you should change your characters into uniques and then modify those uniques.

Hope this helps.

PS: Note that the few extra female sprites that are good (no glitched battles or weird pics in formation screen) have crappy equips so you might want to use one of the guys so you can give your "assassins" a shield or knightsword or whatever.
7 years ago#6
You're awesome, that made a lot of sense. Thank you very much.
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7 years ago#7
Now, I'm messing with abilities. I had no issues re-equipping her or setting her move ability, but the reaction and support codes aren't working for some reason:

Reaction - 8005xx8C 0???
Support - 8005xx8E 0???
Move - 8005xx80 0???

Being character 7, I replace xx with 85. For Teleport 2, I used 80058580 01F3 and had no problem, but nothing works for 8005858C 0??? or 8005858E 0??? - not that it even matters from what I understand, but I'm certain I was using respective reaction and support abilities.
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7 years ago#8
Way too late to double-check, but try replacing the eight in the beginning to 3: I.e.

Reaction - 3005xx8C 0???
Support - 3005xx8E 0???
Move - 3005xx80 0???

A lot of the codes in that handbook works if you do this.
7 years ago#9
Yeah, I tried that. It's actually a 7 instead of an 8 for 8C and 8E, or 7C and 7E respectively. 80 is correct, though. The same codes were referenced much earlier in the guide and I happened to come across them but written with 7s (still 3 to start) and they worked.

I have a different issue though, now; the Arc Witch/Assassin keeps jumping to 100 Brave/Faith whenever she levels, thus making her leave at the end. Aside from pushing her to level 99, what can I do about this? I don't want to have to keep reentering in-battle Brave/Faith modifiers since I assume they'll change depending on which allies I use and how many enemies there are. I tried setting her brave and faith to 97 and 94 respectively and even kept the cheats enabled throughout a battle and it still didn't prevent the jump. It would probably be easier to debug if I knew why the jump to 100/100 was happening, but I've double-checked all of the cheats I put in and haven't found anything that could mess this up.
Woah, woah, you're the offspring of a Chevy? Get out. - Esca
7 years ago#10
That's rather bizarre. What's the full list of codes that you used/kept active? Have you try it with another sprite/job class setup? And have you tried saving the game, clearing all codes and then restart the game? If you had been experimenting earlier then it's possible some residual codes might be causing in game conflicts.
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