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Worth picking up for $10? (Archived)
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ChaseXtreme137/5 8:55AM
Chance for status on Holy Knight Attacks (Archived)Koa0757/3 4:34AM
Victory Plan! Hints for a new adventurer! (I want tips ;-;) (Archived)
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Just HOW IN THE WORLD am I supposed to beat... (Archived)LK_MASTER_GAMER106/30 4:49AM
Shot in the dark; Anyone here familiar with the Rebirth mod? (Archived)ArchSublime36/22 10:12AM
Why can't my chemist learn Phoenix Down? (Archived)Upto1536/20 10:11AM
Any newer JRPGs with a more mature story, like this? (Archived)
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dhlott3186/19 2:14AM
Ah man... I got Finath River BS'd on the story battle (Archived)VerySikTodayII86/16 11:33AM
Just bought this and would like job build advice! (Archived)
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AngelofD3th296/13 9:21AM
Dark Knight in the PS1 Version? (Archived)game42196/10 3:56AM
I wonder how many enemy units don't have their own class unlocked? (Archived)chessjerk106/6 9:51PM
So... how do I get through Dorter? (spoiler?) (Archived)
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Extreme_light166/5 2:55AM
FFT Speedruns (Archived)Felpool Leon86/3 10:00PM
Was thinking about something recently... FFT without level ups? (Archived)
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KOTRsss156/2 4:34PM
Is this a bad idea? (Archived)Damien74745/26 4:54PM
Rate my Team? ^^ (Archived)TheInsaneTeddy65/19 6:17PM
Spring AI tournament registration (Archived)
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Behemoth_Knight845/16 3:45PM
Whoever thought of this Agrias Build... (Archived)SetzerGambbini55/13 2:44PM
Chapter 1 Human enemies ( SPOILERS ) (Archived)Demonic_Essence15/8 10:00PM
I wiped the floor with the final boss but can't remember how I did it (spoilers) (Archived)
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slk_23115/8 6:29PM