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What does super sweeper and 1/35 soldiers do?

#1Knight_AuronPosted 3/26/2008 1:56:36 AM
They only sell for 25 gils. They cannot be used in battle or the field. They don't seem to be used for any sidequest. What are they for?

#2Sedated CricketPosted 3/26/2008 2:27:29 AM
If you get all 35 potions of the soldier, ie 1/35+1/35+1/35 etc, then take it to cait sith in wonder square and ask him to do another fortune, he will tell you something like "Seek not that which you desire, seek only that which you require." And then go back to the church where Aeris was growing those flowers and Cloud will have another flashback with her in it. I wont spoil the flashback so go see it for yourself.

I checked a guide and it said there are twelve different super sweepers you can collect, and if you take them all to Golbez before the end of the second disk he will give you a nice bundle of weapons, armor and accessories kinda like how Stiltzkin does in FFIX.

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#3ffmasterjosePosted 3/26/2008 2:52:25 AM
...Wow, never read that before...

Don't listen to what the above poster said. Those items do absolutely nothing, they're just there to take up space. Much like the Tissue and various other items you can get in-game.

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#4Sedated CricketPosted 3/26/2008 3:13:33 AM
Wow, thanks a lot mr ffmasterjose. Maybe you should go out and actually get all the items and see for yourself what happens if you do. Just because you've never done it or seen it doesn't mean it doesn't exist in the game. You might claim that it takes 80 days to fly aorund the world, but if you've never actuallyflown around the world then how the hell would you know if it takes 80 days to do it or not? Spew less garbage information plz.

FFX-2 is the offical sidequest disk that don't come included when you buy FFX ~cookie plz
I would love to see VS running on FFXII's engine ~RumourMaker18
#5ffmasterjosePosted 3/26/2008 3:16:33 AM
I've actually done it in 79 days and a half. So...
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#6phiefer3Posted 3/26/2008 5:54:00 AM
Sedated, you're not funny, those are completely false. For one thing, the 1/35th soldiers doesn't mean that there are 35 pieces that make up an entire thing, it means that they're 1/35 scale, which means they're probably about 2 inches they're pretty small. Plus, each 1/35th soldier is actually a set of 12 figures. And you can get 99 (or more) of them from the speed square game. It's already been confirmed that they don't do anything.

The same is true of the super sweeper, tissue, and masamune blade.
#7donutbandit0Posted 3/26/2008 7:00:26 AM
Now I see how people like Sedated get to Legend staus: they spend all their time spewing nonsense over these boards.

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#8Knight_Auron(Topic Creator)Posted 3/30/2008 1:34:59 AM
I heard the super sweeper is to recruit yet another secret character.

his/her/it's name is Gogo.

First you must collect all twelve 1/35 soldiers and 1 super sweeper, defeat emerald Weapon, Ruby Weapon and Ultima Weapon. Go to that fun place, Dio owns that place. (Forgot name)

Go to the battle arena place but do Not enter in a battle. Go to the place where they display stuff. There you will be a strange person who's face you'll never see, Gogo can only be recruit in Disc 3.

Approve Gogo and he will notice you collection of 1/35 soldiers (12 in a set) and super sweeper.

goes something like this.

Gogo: Hey there.

Cloud: me?

Gogo: Yes you! You got a nice collection of shinra toy soldiers over there, and I love the super sweeper .

Gogo: Can I have them?

Cloud: Yes

Gogo: thank you very much, as a token of my appreciation I will come with you guys.

Cloud: You got to be kidding me, what can you do?

Gogo: I can fight you know. Besides I addle too long.

Gogo ask if he/she/it can have, say yes and Gogo will join you. Gogo will star with a master command materia, A master magic Materia, Master enemy skill Materia and Master summon Materia. His/her/it's limit breaks are, Double comet, Hell Rising, Hyper Gush, Atomic Shower, Shock, Armageddon. Gogo can equip any weapon in the entire game.

The true Idenity of Gogo is unknown.

#9ArkThompsonPosted 3/30/2008 1:42:14 AM

Also I think one of his limits should involve the toys.
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#10Knight_Auron(Topic Creator)Posted 3/30/2008 2:00:10 AM
Gogo also comes with last and most powerful limit break is call Rage. It where gogo mimics a random monster. If Gogo mimics a MP Marine, he/she/it will attack with a machine gun, or use a grenade (Not from you inventory).

AS for Gogo's true identity many have speculated.

Aeris, cannot be cause shes dead.

Zack, cannot be cause hes dead

Jessie, dead, but we never saw her die so its possible she learns to fight.

wedge, same as jessie

biggs, same as jessie

Cloud's mother, XD

the guy in the honey bee inn.

One of Don Conero's hence man.

A good clone of sephiroth