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Chocobo speed doesn't improve when feeding Sylkis Greens

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7 years ago#1
When I feed my newly born river chocobo 25 Sylkis Greens it will say that the Speed improved. But when I go to the Gold Saucer and check it's speed, it's only at 90kph which is the average of the two parents' speeds. I then reloaded and didn't feed it and checked the speed and it was at 90kph as well... Is this what is supposed to happen when feeding or is my game bugged?
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7 years ago#2
It depends on the parent chocobos. Are they both S class racers? Because that definitely helps in determining speed, and other stats.

Also, try feeding it 90 sylkis greens, like the guide says on this board.

One last thing. 90 speed should be more than enough to race it and win, so long as you have a decent amount of stamina. But through my experiences, 90 speed should be plenty.
7 years ago#3
90 greens is overkills. The race class of the parents have no effect on the offspring's stats.

That max speed is normal. When breeding using a Carob Nut, there's a 196/256 chance that the offspring's max speed will be the average of the parent's max speed, 60/256 chance that it will be 10% faster than the fastest parent.
As for why is said speed increased when it didn't, could be a few things. Possibly the message refers to the second speed stat, I never bothered much with them.
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7 years ago#4

Even if you were to purposely breed a chocobo with the lowest possible speed stat (8), that was able to be raised to the maximum possible speed stat (176), it would only take a maximum of 36 sylkis greens to do that. And that's the worst possible scenario, normally it's only going to take about 10 for freshly caught chocobos, less for most hatched ones depending on what you fed the parents. Maxing Stamina will take a good chunk of greens, but generally unless you purposely breed chocobos with low stamina, you're still not going to need 90.

As shadow said, it's probably a matter of the message about it getting faster was talking about its run stat, which you don't see. The speed stat you see is the dash stat of the chocobo, which is the speed that it sprints at (circle with default controls). The chocobo has a separate run stat which is how fast it will run normally.
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7 years ago#5
Ah I understand now. Thank you.
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7 years ago#6
HAH! I guess looking back on it, it is a bit of overkill to feed the Chocobo 90 sylkis greens. Thing is though, I've always done this, since I bred my first Gold, to ensure I could achieve quick results. Then after migrating to this site, and eventually this board, and reading the chocobo FAQ, I thought everyone used that method.

^^These guys definitely have a better understanding of this matter than I do, so obviously follow their advice. But it's kind of funny to mess around with 90 greens method, IMO, because it makes for easy GP, and something to do after you've "completed" all there is to do in this game.
7 years ago#7
Feeding that many greens doesn't do anything beyond raising their stamina higher. And you can just wait and do that for your Gold.

You can guarantee the best odds and easy races and then max your gold's stamina with only 96 sylkis greens (and again that's a worse case scenario number).
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