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game oversight #7776

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6 years ago#1
In Junon, after the parade is finished; you go into the weapon shop that Rude walks into originally; you can still hear the parade cheer and more importantly that annoying whistle noise!

And as a special, I'll throw this in: If you give the wrong limit manual to Tifa, she says a grammatically incorrect sentence.
6 years ago#2
'I've got the wrong person.'

There's nothing grammatically incorrect about this sentence. Appropriate for the situation, it's not; however, there are no issues with grammar.
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6 years ago#3
How about searching the drawers in that house in Sector 5 slums, where you can take "5 gil"? The game says that, but you don't actually get anything.
6 years ago#4
I've never taken his money. That's just wrong.
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6 years ago#5
I still want my Tinctures from the Fort Condor Battles...
I'm a girl, damn it! I wanna do girly things! Like fix up someone's hair and get phone calls expressing romantic sentiments!
6 years ago#6
^ yeah, Fort Condor is probably the biggest mess-up in the history of localization. Half of the items given there display the wrong text.

I have a hunch about something but haven't confirmed it yet - do the conversations in Nibelheim interfere with events in Aeris's church in Midgar? From what I've seen there are 2 bit masks that are "shared" between the two fields. If you walked into the church before leaving Midgar and talked with the kids, that sets a bit to indicate the conversation happened. But then an unrelated convo in Nibelheim uses the same bit, and so part of that convo will be skipped as well. Also,

*** SPOILER ***

if you talked to the Nibel inn keeper (iirc?) and selected a particular answer, that will set a bit mask which also happens to be used by the script that controls the appearance of Aeris's ghost in the church after she dies. I remember not being able to see her ghost the first time I tried, because I talked to that guy in Nibelhelm!
6 years ago#7
letao could you explain a bit more?

The appearance of Aeris' ghost is one of the mysteries left in the game.
Sometimes she appears sometimes she doesn't, thats one of the reasons people still think there's a chance to bring her back if you can do things right.

So you think talking to the kids just before you leave midgar (After Motorball fight) flips a variable so you will see the ghost but talking to the Inn Keeper in Nibelheim uses the same variable for some reason so it gets flipped 'off' by mistake?
6 years ago#8
It's a mystery that's already been solved. I can't remember the specific NPC (can't check it myself atm) but yeah, one is mistakenly linked to the same flag as that event. You don't need to talk to anybody first to enable the event, just that talking to the wrong NPC will disable it.
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6 years ago#9
Yeah. The church has a script that controls Aeris's ghost appearance. The script checks the value of a certain bit. If it's off, Aeris's ghost will appear and then the bit will be turned on. If it's already on, Aeris's ghost does not appear. Basically the idea is, Aeris is only supposed to appear the first time you go in.

The problem is during Cloud's flashback in Kalm, the Nibel innkeeper also has a conversation that turns the same bit on. This happens right after entering town and before going to sleep. If you tell the innkeeper "Forget it" then "Let me know the situation of the town", the game will turn on the bit that controls Aeris's ghost. So once the innkeeper told the town's story, the bit is turned on, and Aeris's ghost will not appear any more. You can only see her ghost appear if you did not have that conversation with the innkeeper.

The part about kids in the church is a similar glitch that affects a different part of the conversation, that has no effect on the ghost appearance. And the church's script only takes care of a little bit of animation to show her appearance, there is nothing that suggests anything to do with revival.
6 years ago#10
Thanks guys.

I knew there was no real way to revive her (Short of hacking), but the fact her ghost's appearance is controlled by some (previously) unknown variable lead to rumours that doing other things would let the ghost appear a second time so you can cast Life3 or whatever.
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