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Fort Condor glitch?

#1TonglesqueakerPosted 2/9/2010 8:11:09 AM
I'm playing this on the 60gb ps3. At fort condor for the first time. No matter how much gil I contribute, the battle dude keeps saying "we're a little short on money, could you make it 4000 gil?" I already gave them 5k gil, and the total fund is at 20k gil, yet I can't get past this message. Anyone knwo what's up? Thanks.
#2phiefer3Posted 2/9/2010 9:13:52 AM
First off, you just wasted your money. Seriously you did. You never had to give them a single gil during the entire game, and in fact when you actually play the minigame you spend your own money on the units not the money you donated.

And I'm pretty sure he always says they're short on money.

To get past the message you have to chose the "nothing" option, or something like that, and then say that you're ready. If you're at a part in the game where a battle takes place then you'll be able to fight it, if you're not (or you already fought the battle) then he says that nothing's coming.

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#3thetrueoskarPosted 2/9/2010 9:28:58 AM
Glad I never tried that.

Sounds like it'd be tough for a new player to figure out.

Though, I DID fight one battle somehow, and that's how I learned Yuffie's KO pose.
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#4Tonglesqueaker(Topic Creator)Posted 2/9/2010 10:06:12 AM
Got it. When I decided to beat the minigame, I got the Magic Comb. When I reset and let the enemy attack, I got a Vagrisk claw. If I were to save after winning the Vagrisk claw, is there anyway to get the magic comb later on? And vice versa?
#5JoloStukiPosted 2/9/2010 10:14:39 AM
The prize list has something like...what...10 prizes on it?

Anyway, any time you miss one, the prize you should have gotten shifts down to the next victory.

So basically the Magic Comb will _ALWAYS_ be the first prize you win.

Furthermore, there are no unique prizes from Fort Condor, except for the final, MANDATORY battle on disc 2...and you don't even have to win. You just have to defeat the boss at the end (which you should do because the boss has a unique armour), and you'll get the 2 materia.

Anyway, either the first, second, or third battles should be lost so that you can fight a Lv. 15 Commander Grand Horn and win the Vagyrisk Claw.

Basically, once you get Yuffie's Superball, which I think is the fifth prize (I'm too lazy to check), they just hand out X-Potions, Hi-Potions and Elixirs, so it really doesn't matter if you lose one.

Steve's FAQ suggests winning every battle for 'perfection', but there's no way to check which battles you won or lost or skipped after you do the final battle on disc 2....also, stealing a Vagyrisk Claw has something like a 4.5% chance --AT BEST-- of stealing a Vagyrisk Claw instead of a Soft at level 11, and a 0% chance at level 78.

I say, save yourself the headache and just lose one of the first 3 Fort Condor Battles (or all 3 if you want), then dupe the item later with W-Item.

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#6JoloStukiPosted 2/9/2010 10:16:24 AM
I should expand on that:

Technically, you can lose EVERY battle in Fort Condor and not miss anything (again, with the exception of the final, mandatory battle on disc 2) and not miss anything. You can buy the Magic Comb, Peace Ring, and Superball elsewhere, and the Potions/Ethers/Hi-Potions/X-Potions/Elixirs/whatever are all enemy loot prizes later in the game.

No skin off your back.

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#7Tonglesqueaker(Topic Creator)Posted 2/9/2010 10:29:26 AM
Thanks a bunch.
#8JoloStukiPosted 2/9/2010 10:36:48 AM
Holy crap, my grammar is atrocious. My head is fuzzy today.


Anyway, you're welcome.

"What's wrong with someone being who they are? Real people don't change much from day to day, even in unusual circumstances." ~ AndoYzerman