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Perfect Gold Chocobo - Help Please

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6 years ago#1
I'm attempting a "perfect" game and have reached the point where I'm trying for a Gold Wonderful chocobo, but the best I've managed to get so far is a Great. I've read a few FAQs but ended up a little confused as some advice is contradictory, and I'm spending a lot of time re-setting and even re-breeding. I don't want to settle for second best.

Any help would be appreciated.
6 years ago#2
i never heard of a Gold Great or Wonderful at all o.O

I just know on my PSP playthrough of FFVII which i still havent gotten through the game once yet on PSP, my 1st bred gold choco had 999 stamina, and 175 speed. and it was a sprinter (picture at races is the sprinting pic).

I don't know how you could even ever lose with a gold choco, maybe running out of stamina when using Auto and then ur stuck walking the rest of the track XD

Anyways, for mine all i did was get 6 Great chocos from MIdeel area, kept the 2 best males and females and got rid of the other 2. Then i fed each choco 25 sylkis greens and got all to rank B (only need like 4 wins for a pair, but meh). Then i bred and by sum kick ass luck i got a male green and a female blue on my 1st try. Then i fed each of those 50 Sylkis greens and got them to rank S cuz i wanted GP for battle square. Then i mated and got a black female. Caught 4 chocos by Icicle Inn and 1st 1 was a Wonderful Male. gave both black and wonderful 99 sylkis greens so both had 999 stamina and sum good speed. got them both to rank S and mated. Got a Gold Male (which i fed 99 sylkis greens) and it had 175 spd and 999 stam.

I was thinking about making another gold (female) and mating with my other Gold to get a better 1, but its not really needed.
6 years ago#3
Well, what did the FAQs tell you to do? There's not much to it; the default breeding mechanics will choose the colour from a random parent, and the rating from a random parent. Since the gold chocobo gotten from black+wonderful+Zeio will be set to good/great, breed it with a wonderful chocobo, and hope you end up inheriting the gold colour and wonderful rating.

Mistah, when you breed the gold chocobo and the parents are below a certain average speed, the baby gets bumped up. There's a low chance that the new value will be that high. It's random, and the rest of the process was irrelevant to that final speed.
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6 years ago#4
Some FAQ's recommend using good + great, some great + great as a starting point. Others recommend only using Zeio nuts, others say it doesn't matter. There are minor differences in a few. They've all been helpful, I just wanted to know if I was doing something wrong. If it's down to random factors, I can cope with that.

Mistah mentions feeding the newborn 99 Silkis Greens - I only ever give them enough to get the "Nothing Happened" message, as I assumed they were then maxed. If it makes a difference I'll try that, too.

I also check with Chole each time I breed to see if the baby has better stats than its parents, then take it onto the Highwind to have the guy there give me his rating and if it's Good or Great I reset. If I've made any glaring mistakes feel free to put me right.
6 years ago#5
Does the guy actually rate them as opposed to just saying good or great in his standard speech? I can't check the game atm.
Don't mind Mistah. What he detailed has no effect on either the colour/rating of the chocobo, or the stats. Keep in mind that rating doesn't have any effect on offspring stats either, so the wonderful rating means absolutely nothing to the gold chocobo.
"People demand freedom of speech to make up for the freedom of thought which they avoid" ~ Soren Aabye Kierkegaard
6 years ago#6
All the guy says is "This is a good/great/wonderful chocobo".

If it really is that random, I guess it's just a case of trying for one until he says I've got a wonderful gold.

Simple as that.

6 years ago#7
just so you know, i was just posting what I got, not really a *This is how you get...* sort of thing.

Haveing a Great or Wonderful rated Gold Chocobo means nothing. If you have a Gold Chocobo that you've bred, it will NEVER lose at the races, unless you don't actively race (a lot of ppl just auto).

There is no point to a *perfect* gold chocobo, even a gold with 150spd and max stamina is going to win everytime at the races. Again, thats if you actually race it instead of auto
6 years ago#8
I understand what you're saying - and yes, you would need to be a pretty bad breeder to foul up a Gold chocobo, they're the pinnacle of excellence - but I'm trying to do a "perfect" game, and that requires a Perfect chocobo. It's been bugging me for a few days now and I don't want to end up junking the game just because I can't get the one I want. If I'm going wrong I want to know where, that's all.

I think I've been overestimating the complexity/sophistication of the game mechanics and making it needlessly difficult for myself.

And your gold chocobo is faster than mine (167 kph).
6 years ago#9
well im gonna try what i said earlier and breed another gold (female) to mate with my gold male. i'll see if both end up with 175 kph but i wonder wut if a mate the 2 :D.

i dont ever talk to Chole, havent for years, so maybe i will talk 2 her to hear how my chocos r rated, then give you some ideas.

but from what i understand, getting a wonderful gold isnt too hard. mate your gold with another wonderful chocobo and if you get a gold, see if its wonderful. if not mate that new 1 with another wonderful, and your over 75% wonderful trait.

Since the greats you start with make a great black, and a wonderful with it gives you 50-50

the 50-50 gold and a wonderful make a 25%great to 75% wonderful gold (hopefully)

so i think the 3rd would be like 12.5% great to 87.5% wonderful

dunno if thats a good method im using, but i think it sounds right XD. i'll check it out and see if it works
6 years ago#10
Ok, some things to point out. First of all, what guides are you using? From what it sounds like you're probably using one or more guides that you shouldn't because they're terrible. The ONLY guides you should even be looking at are gmorris's chocobo guide on this site, Absolute Steve's walkthrough on this site (though last time I checked there was a bit of miswording in his chocobo section, not sure if it's been fixed), if you've come across it then Shadow's guide which is on another site, or if you've been foraging over at the quihm forums (probably spelled that wrong) then Terence's chocobo ranch guide (it's actually the source material for the previously mentioned guides).

Ok, now as noted the normal breeding mechanics that produce a gold (that is black + wonderful + zeio nut) will ALWAYS produce a great gold chocobo. It will NEVER be good, wonderful, average, poor, or anything else that isn't great.

The ONLY way to get a gold chocobo that isn't great is to breed a gold chocobo with another chocobo that isn't great in which case you have a 25% chance of getting a gold chocobo of the other parent's rating (50-50 chance of either parent's color and 50-50 chance of either parent's rating). Anything done before this will mean absolutely completely nothing. Also, the nut you use for this doesn't matter EXCEPT that if you use the carob nut and choose the gold first there's a chance to trigger the blue/green mechanic and get a blue or green baby instead. Using a zeio nut is probably the best choice since it's the best nut for making better chocobos.

The problem with this process is that when you breed your great gold with your wonderful yellow and got a gold baby it's a bit tough to check if you got a great gold or a wonderful gold. The only way to check is to breed the baby where one of these results will influence the result. You can either breed it with a black that has 13 or more wins using a zeio nut and if you get a gold then it was wonderful, or you can breed it with a good/great using the carob nut (choose the gold you're testing first) and if it's great then you'll get a blue/green baby if it's wonderful then you won't.
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