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Perfect Game / Mt. Corel Nest Question

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6 years ago#1
As the title says, this a question about the nest where you can get 10 Phoenix Downs. My question is: Do you HAVE to get the Phoenix Downs for a Perfect Game? Or can I just choose to don't take the treasure, considering that the game doesn't keep track of these decisions?

I know! This is kind of subjective, so... What do you think?
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6 years ago#2
I've pondered a perfect game, and if I ever do it then I'm only getting 1 of each item.

99 of each items sounds as fun as hitting myself over the head with a brick, perfectly.
6 years ago#3
Its up to you. Really. How much that pheonix down matters is decided simply by how much it means to you.
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6 years ago#4
If you wish you can choose to not-choose. Since it's not, as I recall, a missable treasure, you can always make the decision later, or infinitely postpone it.
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6 years ago#5
^ I was thinking in that just a moment ago. Do the chicks keep appearing in Disc 3, no matter what you chose?
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6 years ago#6
I'd suggest not going up the ladder at all.

All you get from it is items you can buy everywhere else but it locks out a conversation.
I'd view not getting it as leaving it unlocked and available.
I personally would rather have that than the 10 Phoenix Downs.

Trouble is where do you draw the line?
What about the chests with Hi-Potions and Sources you can obtain elsewhere?
And the weapons you can buy later in the game?
Should you leave those chests unopened?
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6 years ago#7
^ Thanks. I think, if you do that, the game can still be considered "perfect", technically. But, at the end, I don't want to leave any loose end, so I climbed the ladder and chose to leave the nest alone. Besides, this is not too important, it's not like the Battery/Coupon issue. Though, maybe I'll leave the superbosses alone (not saving after I defeat them), being able to defeat them at anytime.
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