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Creating the fastest chocobo?

#1February1088Posted 10/17/2010 7:59:35 AM
So I am currently in the process of getting a Gold Chocobo right now, and I did everything like the guides said (feed it sylkis green, use carob nut and zeiro nut for the last breeding, etc.)

I just noticed that my black chocobo still has only 117 km top speed. And the chocobo's in the S class are at least 150 speed. What is the max top speed I can breed it to?

So lets say I received a gold chocobo and I wanted to start breeding it even further to get more speed. Is this possible? Would I need to breed a Gold with another Gold?

Basically, do I just constantly keep breeding between Gold's to achieve max speed?

Oh, and to get my 2nd Gold, should I use Kalm Traveler's crappy Gold and breed it with that? Or breed it the same way I breeded my 1st Gold?
#2shadow666Posted 10/17/2010 8:09:25 AM
First of, there's a special mechanic when breeding black and gold chocobos. If you got them from green+blue / black+wonderful, and the parents fail to meet a certain average speed, the offspring will be set to a higher speed. This means that the gold will be around 148-150, no matter how poor the earlier chocobos are. There's a small set chance that it could be considerably faster.
Top speed is 176. Beyond those speed boosts, colour doesn't have anything to do with ability. The chocobo breeding guide has the mechanics, but the basics are that each nut will have multiple possibilities. The offspring could be set to the average speed of the parents, or there's a small chance it could be a bit faster than the fastest parent. There are two speed stats however, Dash (the one the races will display) and Run (which isn't directly revealed anywhere).
There's no real reason to breed an ultimate chocobo - your gold chocobo will do fine, and Teioh's stats are based on your own so you can't be faster than him anyway.

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#3February1088(Topic Creator)Posted 10/17/2010 11:06:39 AM
^ thanks for that info

I am still gonna try to breed a fast one tho..

I heard that a black chocobo can get up to 150 speed but my 3rd generation of black chocobo is only 118 speed like all its

Why is my speed capped at 118? I think my green chocobo generations ago was 118 speed but still..

I tried to follow this guide

on creating the perf chocobo..

can anyone tell me how i can increase my speed
#4shadow666Posted 10/17/2010 11:22:07 AM
Ignore that guide. For example, the Zeio Nut has:

MaxDash: 55/256 chance that the offspring will be 1/10th faster than the fastest parent, 201/256 chance that the offspring will be the average of the parents speeds.
MaxRun: 80/256 chance that the offspring will be 1/8th faster than the fastest parent, 15/256 chance that it will be 1/20th slower than the fastest parent, 161 /256 chance that it will be the average of the parents speeds.

So, the secret of breeding the ultimate chocobo: get those 55/256 and 80/256 results. That's it. If you're lucky - or you reset a lot - it won't take many generations. Like I said, get the gold chocobo first, as nothing before then will matter. It doesn't matter if you breed a second gold chocobo or use the crappy one, but two gold chocobo will ensure their offspring is also gold (unless you use a Carob Nut). Alternatively, breeding a gold with a wonderful will give you a 1/4 chance of a wonderful gold chocobo (the one from black+wonderful is 'great') but the quality won't actually do anything. Work on maxing MaxDash first, then MaxRun.

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#5February1088(Topic Creator)Posted 10/17/2010 12:54:40 PM
so if I use Zeiro Nut (which I do), I have to keep resetting until I see that the new offspring has a higher speed (at golden saucer)?

So if I have to go through all the trouble to get a 'wonderful' gold chocobo, and the quality doesn't even matter , then whats the point of getting it? And also, how do I know if my gold chocobo is a 'wonderful"?

I'm starting to understand
#6shadow666Posted 10/17/2010 1:07:01 PM
Yep, feed and check, reset if they're no faster. For MaxRun, you won't be able to check their speed at the races, and instead need to use the comparison between chocobos to tell if you got a faster one. There's also the Co-Op, Intelligence and Acceleration stats, these are maxed simply by stuffing them with enough greens. The chocobo breeding guide has a section on perfect chocobos, so if you're intent on breeding one, definitely read through it.
You could check if a gold chocobo is wonderful by attempting to breed a special chocobo with it, but yeah, there's no reason to, some people just consider a wonderful gold to be more perfect than a great gold. Don't do it if you're not a perfectionist, but there's little reason to do any of the other stuff either, you don't need a maxed chocobo to easily win the races.

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