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Golden Chocobo

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4 years ago#1
getting this gold chocobo is a lot of waste of time but its worth it. this is how you get the golden chocobo.

1. good chocobo is walking
2. great chocobo is jogging
3. make them mate as long there male and female until you get the blue/green chocobo. if you didnt get it on first try theres a secret button reset and try again until you get it either blue or green saved the game, go outside fight 10 rounds saved again that way you dont have to fight 10 rounds. make them mate until you get the 2 color blue and green, dont forget the carob nut.

4. feed them the best food i believe mimetts greens give them 50 each to max their stamina and speed.

5.go to gold saucer and enter chocobo race the blue/green chocobo must reach Rank A.

6. after getting a Rank A your blue/green chocobo saved the game again, make those 2 color mate and feed carob nut to get black chocobo.

6. require airship go to snowy mountain and capture wonderful chocobo is not walking or jogging instead its running very fast.

7. feed them the best since you got the airshil give them sylkies green, i gave them 99 each for my wonderful chocobo and black chocobo.

8.go back to gold saucer and enter race chocobo until your wonderful chocobo and black chocobo reach a Rank A.

9.saved the game go to gobling island steal some nut from them, i think zieu nut forget the name.

10.saved the game make them mate your wonderful chocobo and black chocobo and give them the ziu nut the one that you steal from the goblin. time for celebrate you finally got the golden chocobo. this is the only chocobo can cross the ocean, with this gold chocobo you can get the ultimate summon meet the knights of round.

12. i told you before its a lot of waste of time but at the end its worth it.
4 years ago#2
Note that if you follow that advice you will not get a gold chocobo.

You must select the black chocobo before the wonderful chocobo for it to breed a gold.

Next time you going to post worthless advice, at least make it correct.
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4 years ago#3
Not to mention there is a whole load of wasted time with the feeding (you don't need anywhere near 50 greens, let alone 99 to max out) and the whole A class thing is balls too.
I'm back, and worse than ever.
GT - Sniperfox29
4 years ago#4
Why waste your time racing, when you can just do it like this
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4 years ago#5
Because racing is one of the best ways to earn GP for battle arena.
I'm back, and worse than ever.
GT - Sniperfox29
4 years ago#6
Yeah I agree, but if we are only looking for a fast way to get a gold chocobo, racing is not needed (and in my opinion it's one of the most boring things in the game).

50-60 gp is enough for omnislash on disc 1 and about 100 gp for w-summon later on . That much can easily be won by winning about 5 races (or by betting on chocobos and getting lucky).
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4 years ago#7
Considering you can't race on disc 1, you'll have a job of winning those five races.

And betting is an even bigger waste of time than anything else in the game, not to mention why on earth you would need the GP to get the omnislash on disc 1 (when you can wait til its half the price and you're much better equipped later on).
I'm back, and worse than ever.
GT - Sniperfox29
4 years ago#8
i just hope you didn't type that out
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4 years ago#9
I'll just say this one last time.

If you race all your chocobos (yellow - gold) to class A, you will have more GP than you will ever need for the battles to get Omnislash and W-summon. That means after a few races you will be wasting your time. The GP you get will be left over after you get the items in the Battle Square.

What I'm saying is that you could just get a gold chocobo with non-race method, then immediately feed him/her enough sylkis greens to get high stamina and speed, then race with your ultimate chocobo until you get just enough GP for the battles. Gold Chocobo won't slow down in the space & ocean sections and is a LOT faster than the others.

And why would I want Omnislash on disc 1? I'd rather ask why you WOULDN'T? 51,200BP isn't that much considering how easy the battles are at that point, and you get All Materia Broken like 90% of the time (earns you high amount of BP). I got a Champion Belt and Omnislash on Disc 1 (bought the battles with the GP from the Chocobo bets, took maybe 15 minutes). I won't regret it.

But since you didn't get my point in the first place, I'm going to leave this thread now. Have a good time racing :)
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4 years ago#10
Well I'd rather race all 6 to rank A or S since I needed all that GP just to get enough BP to buy Omnislash and W summon.

That and ever time I tried to breed them I got a 3rd one 100% of the time so I had to Race them and still KoTRed every boss starting with Carry Armor.

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