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I've been spoiled, should I play this game or FF 9? *spoilers*
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Fratellanza474/13 2:24AM
What is your favorite party?
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The_Sexorcist524/9 10:59PM
Any GS codes for Purple/Deep blue/Pink/White/Red Chocobos? (Archived)R_O_B_Sentry74/8 6:58AM
This game is creepy (Archived)
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RandomBoss234/6 6:37PM
FF7: Breath of Fire style. (Archived)Miku_369104/6 5:03PM
Just found my old PS1; Going to play this game for the first time. (Archived)
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sakurayule124/6 4:10PM
Hi I'm nw. On topic, when was the last time you beat the game? (Archived)
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RandomBoss184/6 3:56PM
Favorite moment in the entire game for you *SPOILERS* (Archived)
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The_Sexorcist354/6 3:02PM
Are there any missables not covered by the Brady Games Official Strategy Guide? (Archived)
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ChimeraBlue124/6 3:40AM
FFVII Fully playable for NES. (Archived)Calmlander54/5 3:19PM
A FF 7 re-make? (Archived)
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TheHumanHumour174/4 9:55AM
One of the most memorable moments in FFVII. (Archived)Xean_Liteheart64/4 6:52AM
Time taken for just the story (Archived)
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bigmarcus24164/4 6:34AM
A monster I faced in Shinra Manor... (Archived)MrBallv274/2 7:47PM
Battle Square Help (POSSIBLE SPOILERS) (Archived)aerisfangirl54/2 9:49AM
The boss theme is unsurpassable. (Archived)RandomBoss104/1 4:40AM
Is it worth leveling all characters to lv.99? (Archived)The_Sexorcist84/1 1:55AM
Even if they couldnt make a current gen remake of this game... (Archived)randomdude36093/30 11:51PM
Does the dialogue in the final scene make any sense? (Archived)
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Tronch1193/30 7:13PM
The FInal Fantasy VII Tier list (Archived)
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The_Sexorcist123/30 9:41AM