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It's been 17 years, and I still listen to this game's OST almost daily. (Archived)
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Konaflare187/31 10:37PM
What's the all the Bahamut? (Archived)
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Lord_Tash267/31 6:03AM
just realized that everyone has a connection to a cat *spoilers* (Archived)Vikilla4V97/31 5:59AM
New Theory (SPOILERS) (Archived)
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Seraphor89257/30 9:11PM
"She seems alright, many ways." (Archived)
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KOTRsss257/30 8:14PM
Dramatic reenactment of getting the umbrella... (Archived)VandorLee77/30 12:25PM
Looking for some advice concerning a challenge run. (Archived)gamer_gav57/30 7:10AM
HP>MP switch materia (Archived)
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nolanaced247/29 9:50AM
Kalm flash back oddity (spoilers) (Archived)
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VandorLee507/29 8:46AM
Why do great summons always have much longer animations? (Archived)
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Peter_19287/28 5:34PM
The battle system, if Square makes a remake? (Archived)
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Ciely157/28 3:28PM
After making a "perfect" save, would you do it again? (Archived)
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VandorLee147/28 8:43AM
Last boss stats? Level or hp (Archived)nolanaced107/28 6:12AM
Ok so after beating this game for the 1st time here are some of my thoughts (Archived)
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HellsingOrg397/28 5:59AM
Harpy's appear on chocobo tracks south of Gold Saucer? That's just awesome... (Archived)VandorLee37/26 4:03PM
It's funny how easy Midgar Zolom is now that I'm older (Archived)
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Sin Jackal117/26 8:28AM
Has anyone else noticed the chocobo racing map looks a lot like a cubone? (Archived)szb731567/25 9:55PM
16 Years!? (Archived)Arvis_Jaggamar97/25 5:57PM
Summons and their real names (Archived)Magnum_Dan97/25 4:18PM
Huge Materia? (Archived)Weigraf34757/24 3:38PM