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Won't let me return my Chicobo home (Archived)roachbusters27/21 5:37AM
Wow! how freaking obnoxious is the drm on this release? (Archived)singhellotaku57/10 5:09PM
I wish someone told me this version still use midi version... (Archived)bybyr37/10 4:07PM
New Boosters (Archived)DeepThroat046/30 5:14PM
ff8 crashing after using launcher steam version (Archived)LOD9316/5 2:25PM
How to target multiple enemies? (Archived)Netelus26/1 4:58PM
Game time and Triple Triad (Steam version) (Archived)PeachTherapy13/30 3:41AM
Will the PS1 strategy guide work with this version of the game? (Archived)NewportBox100s82/25 7:37AM
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Queen of Cards question (Archived)Pringlesman52/10 7:33PM
Anyone to add items via cheat codes? (Archived)BgSoA52/8 7:09PM
stuck on Galbadia Missile Mission (Archived)csmall200052/3 6:53PM
I bought the game on steam and will be playing it for the first time (Archived)3DiPadMini6G101/29 9:45PM
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