What are some critical mods to use?

#1Moeman_Posted 3/7/2011 9:21:04 PM(edited)
Hi! I heard that with patching, FFVIII PC can be better than its PS1 counterpart. I know there are a lot of mods out there, but I was wondering what the most efficient way to make FFVIII look and sound better. I've read up a bit on the "soundfont" and multiple ways to make the graphics better, but the information is so scattered and varied that the "most efficient way"--which is what I'm really looking for--is well-hidden! Any information on this would be appreciated.

Thanks very much in advance!

Oh, and I also plan to play the PC version of FFVII, with the "FFVII Remix" patch applied. So if that has any mods that might be useful for FFVIII, I'd be interested to know.
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Okay, so it looks like if I play the FFVII Remix patch, I'll be good to go on graphics--it comes paired with Aali's custom GFX driver, which also works with FFVIII PC. What about music? I've looked and apparently there's only "Samuel Slight's FFVIII DLS." Is that good to use?
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Well, I discovered some mods that I think will be worthwhile. I'll just let this topic archive; hopefully someone will find it.

Firstly, you'll need the official Final Fantasy VIII v1.02 patch from Square themselves.

For enhanced sound quality, you'll want Samuel Slight's FFVIII DLS for the music, found here.

For graphics error fixing, Aali's custom graphics driver is best. If you have FFVII PC and are playing the FFVII Remix mod compilation, you're good to go. But if you only want FFVIII PC, then you'll need to download Aali's driver.
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