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FreddyP's Disc One Lionheart Guide

#1CalicooPosted 3/5/2006 6:25:00 PMmessage detail
This faq was originally posted by FreddyP. I claim no recognition for this. I’m only reposting with the relevant information.

From: FreddyP | Posted: 10/10/2004 8:11:30 PM | Message Detail | #001

Wow, the success of the first topic was more than I could've hoped for. To let the saga live on, I'm reposting the guide in its entirety. Thanks to everyone for keeping the first topic bumped for me. Keep up the good work. =)

Okay, here is my Disc 1 Lionheart guide. I submitted it a long time ago but never got word on it. I ask that it be kept bumped so that new players looking to attempt the challenge can consult this guide for assistance. It is a guide for low-levels. Here goes:

This FAQ is Copyright 2003 FreddyP.

This may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders.

I have never written a guide before, and this will probably be my one and only.

First off, attempting this guide requires about 10+ hours of card playing and about 5 hours of actual fighting. This all depends on how good you are at cards and what magic you have junctioned. Also note that many events occur throughout my guide that I will not mention. I dont feel they are necessary and can be found in many other walkthroughs on

As you start your journey in FF8, you first need to obtain the Guardian Forces Shiva and Quezacotl from Squalls study panel. Many other guides will tell you about this, how to get them, etc. You next need to get the starting deck of cards from the guy sitting on the connector before the elevator. You are now on your way to getting the Lionheart just after getting the Brothers GF!

Go down the elevator and save at the save point nearby. A kid in blue will run across the screen from time to time. You should make sure to save, and then challenge the kid to a card game by pressing the square button. He has many cards that are better than yours, but with a little luck, you can beat him. If you win, take the best card he has in his deck, then return to the save point. If you lost, reset the game, load your save file, and try again. The kid has the Mog card, which will be very helpful should you win it.

Once you have had enough playing cards, hopefully creating a strong deck in the process, venture outside garden with Quistis to start fighting. I will not go into detail about drawing magic, you can find that in other FAQs. Junction one of the two GFs on each character. You may choose to learn abilities such as Vit-J or HP-J first as they will allow you to junction magic to your stats. On the beach, you fight sets of two Fastitocalon-Fs, summon the GFs to kill them quickly. Each set is worth 6 AP. The important ability to learn first is Card with Quezacotl. Learning this unlocks Card-Mod. Learn Card-Mod also once you have learned card. Card-Mod enables you to change cards into useful items. Once you have some magic junctioned and feel ready, go to the Fire Cavern, select a time limit, and defeat Ifrit. You also get its card, which is very strong and helps you to win a lot of card battles. Once Ifrit gets to level 10, the Ammo-Refine ability becomes available to learn. I do not suggest you level him up this high for quite a while as this leveling may push your levels too high to make this guide work. One special piece of information for anyone who attempts this, you MUST keep your partys levels below 20 before reaching the forest between Timber and Galbadia Garden.
#2Calicoo(Topic Creator)Posted 3/5/2006 6:25:13 PMmessage detail
I suggest playing a lot of cards, mostly against Dr. Kadowaki in the Infirmary. You can get Squalls Punishment weapon this early if you play a ton of cards and use the Card-Mod ability to change them into the items. I will not list what the items are, as they can be found in someone elses walkthrough. The next thing you need to do is execute the whole Dollet mission. After this you are asked to travel to Timber, you also become SeeDs. This guide continues from once you return from the mission.

After you get your SeeD rank and leave the garden, enter again and play cards with Cid, the Headmaster. He has the Seifer card. By the way, Zells mom in Balamb has the Zell card. Cid also has Elnoyle cards, the key for getting pulse ammo. If you get 10 Elnoyle cards, you can Mod them into 1 Energy Crystal. You need to do this twice, meaning you need 20 Elnoyle cards and thus, 2 Energy Crystals. This will take a while. :( You can also get Elnoyle cards from Zells mom and Dr. Kadowaki. In my experience she has only started using them after you become a SeeD. This is basically all until you get past Timber.

I now resume this guide after the scene where Laguna and company go through the forest near Timber. This area is why you needed to keep your levels below 20 until now. When you have control of Squall, walk around in the forest, but make sure you are touching the wall of the mountain where the mountain and forest meet. Here you will fight Grendels. They drop Dragon Fangs if you are less than level 20. You need 4 of these for the Lionheart. Make sure you dont Mug them because they wont drop Dragon Fangs if you do. After you get the 4 Dragon Fangs you are free to level up and get Ifrit to learn Ammo-Refine. Once you learn this ability, you can refine the 2 Energy Crystals you get from the 20 Elnoyle cards into 20 Pulse Ammo. You are going to need 12 Pulse Ammo for the Lionheart.

Skipping ahead to after you get the GF Brothers. By the time you beat them, you will have both of their cards. The Minotaur card refines into 10 Adamantines. These are great items that teach a GF the Vit+60% ability, and are also needed for the Lionheart. You need one Adamantine for the Lionheart.

You should have all of the items by now:
Pulse Ammo x12
Dragon Fang x4
Adamantine x1

Now you can go to any junk shop, the one in Deling City is closest. You DO NOT need the Weapons Monthly magazine to make the Lionheart show up on the screen, you just need the items!!! The Lionheart costs 2000 Gil. Now you can either leave Squall in the yellow zone of HP or cast Aura on him and he will have a chance of using the Lionheart Limit Break. The Lionheart will make many battles easier, such as getting the Tonberry GF later on. With the Lionheart in hand, feel free to hack your enemies to pieces!!!

If you have any questions, please E-mail me at
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From: Madeo
That guide sux. U can get it loads easier by just fighting T-rex for dragon fang. He drops 6 rather rarely, but still, u get loads of ap in the proses. Then u kill adamantoise on the beach near dollet train station for adamantine and mug Elastoids in Laguna dream for Laser cannon. U need 3 of these. need to play cards, although that is of course recommended anyway, but don't care about Elnoyls, look out for more useful cards like Gayla, tri-face, blitz, snow lion, Iron giant, Marlboro, sand worm, etc.

What level do you need to be at to get the adamantine to drop the adamantine on the beach? Is it a MUG item or a battle prize?

From: FreddyP
Level 30+, and it's a drop item.

From: revengineer
Alternate ways to get pulse ammo?

From: revengineer
I figured out alternate ways. Go to centra + fight ruby dragons+blitzes, and blitzes rare drops are power generators, which refine into pulse ammo, and Ruby dragons drop something that refines into pulse ammo too, although I forgot what it was for the moment.

From: Madeo
Well anyways, that's not a new way, as it is not possible to do it on disc 1(look at topic). And getting power generator from Blitz...well that can take long...

From: Madeo
Centra is southern part of the world. Access map by pressing select and then to the right of the orphanage is a huge desert called kaskabald. South of the desert u can encounter Blitz, whom u can mug for power generators around 1:50 or so. Not very good chances. u can meet ruby dragons in the forest and they rare drop energy crystals, maybe a but easier to get, I dunno, they take after all much longer to beat...
#4Calicoo(Topic Creator)Posted 3/5/2006 6:27:16 PMmessage detail
From: Maehara Shinobu
That guide sux. U can get it loads easier by just fighting T-rex for dragon fang. He drops 6 rather rarely, but still, u get loads of ap in the proses. Then u kill adamantoise on the beach near dollet train station for adamantine and mug Elastoids in Laguna dream for Laser cannon.

Madeo, IMHO, Freddy's guide is a much better method.

Here's why:

1) I don't recommend fighting a T-Rex for a Dragon Fang since you need to fight a level 20-29 T-Rex. This TOTALLY DESTROYS any no level up game.

2) I also don't recommend fighting an Adamantoise for Adamantines because you need to fight a high level Adamantoise. (Again 100% DESTROYS any no level up game)

3) It's not wise to mug Elastoids for Laser Cannons. Why? Because only level 30+ Elastoids carry them. Again, this TOTALLY DESTROYS any no level up game.

Using your method, the earliest you can get Lionheart is right after Timber mission.

However, Freddy's method is better because you get:

1) Dragon Fangs (from low level Grendels in front of Galbannia Garden)

2) Adamantines (from Brother's card after you fight them)

3) Energy Crystals from winning Elnoyle cards at Balamb Garden....

You can get Lionheart right after the Brothers.

IMHO, the time gap between the end of the Timber mission to the Brothers is almost negligible.

It is not worth sacrificing the rewards of a NO LEVEL UP game merely to get Lionheart only slightly earlier in the game. (which hardly makes a difference)

The rewards from a NO LEVEL UP game greatly outweights the reward of getting Lionheart slightly earlier.

Believe me, I have tried both approaches:

1st game: killed T-Rex, killed Adamantoises.
2nd game: fought low level grendel, modded Brother's card, won Elnoyle cards...

My conclusion is that the 2nd method is much more rewarding.

From: Madeo
Well u don't totally ruin the game by leveling up to level 30 with mag and str bonus. U don't need to waste loads of time on getting Elnoyles, u don't need to waste one of your best cards all the way to the end of the game to get it. I grant u, both are usable, but the game is too easy anyway with a level 100 Squall and no stat bonuses used. Loosing 13 points to vitality and spirit isn't the end of the world. If u want a perfect game with the best stats possible, go use Freddy's. If u want a fast and cool and fun and still very good way to get Lionheart without abusing minor faults in the game, go ahead with my way. I've done this every time, and I bet I have better stats with my final characters than nearly everyone. (Have completed the game 9 times)

From: Gregamouse
The Trepe Groupie #1 (in back, who has the Quistis card) uses Elnoyle very frequently, right at the start of the game. He also tends to hang onto All and Diff trading rules for a long time, changing to One for a game or two, and then back. Easiest way I've found.

From: SupremeJoe

Is it possible to get any of the other final weapons on disc 1?

From: FreddyP
You can get all of the final weapons on disc 1 except for Irvine's, which requires Moon Stones, only available from disc 3 on.

From: marik istar2010
is there a way to do this without destroying the brothers card?

From: FreddyP
If you get your party's average level over 30, then yes. You can fight Adamantoises for Adamantines, which are a drop for them at lv 30+.
#5Calicoo(Topic Creator)Posted 3/5/2006 6:28:01 PMmessage detail
From: JanusPL
What abilities does Ifrit need to learn first in order to unlock Ammo-Refine?

From: rui
its just need to be at level 10

From: AJgametoo
Thank you for this topic, I'm at the end of the third disc, but I think I'll get the Lionheart now. It would have been nice if you just summed it up into steps though.
1. Get your GFs
2. Learn Quetzacotl's Card Mod Ability
3. Learn Ifrit's Ammo Refine Ability
4. Fight Grendels in the Galbadian Forest between the school and station.
5. Card the Brothers Card for the Adamantine
6. After you become a Seed Play Kadawaki or Cid for 20 Enoyle Cards
7. Card Mod Each Enoyle for 2 Energy Crystals
8. Use ammo refine for each Energy Crystal for the Pulse ammo

Hope I didn't leave out a step :\

From: donnielp
First off, thanks FreddyP for the guide, and thanks to everyone else who added positive and helpful info herein. The first time I did this using this guide it did take seemingly forever to get the 20 Elnoyle cards going round and round to different card players. However, in my current game, I got them way, way sooner. I can't even roughly estimate the number of games it took, but in real time it took only about 3 or 4 hours total. I had them before I even did the SeeD exam; under 7 hours total on the game play clock. Trepe Groupie #2 in the classroom seems to play the card much more frequently than anyone else, and is pretty much a lousy player once you get the right cards (I recommend Sister's card faq to figure this out-- also much thanks to her.)
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From: yoshiraaar
It should be common knowledge at this point but i don't see it posted anywhere in here and i'm sure there's someone, somewhere who doesn't know, so let me be captain obvious for a moment.

When playing the 4 hours or so of cards to get the required Elnoyle cards you can easily stock up on a lot of other cards and mod them into items required to get the strongest weapons for other characters, as well as teach Quistis a good amount of her limit breaks. Instead of sticking with the trade rule "One" while playing cards, simply run to Balamb town and play the Queen of Cards. She uses the trade rule "Diff" and it will spread when you go back to Balamb garden. Play her once, if you play her more than once she alternates between the trade rules "Diff" and "All", and you do NOT want "All" spreading because it degenerates into "Direct". After a while the trade rule will go back and to "One" but it's only temporary. Continue playing games and it will go back to "Diff".Also when you leave Balamb garden to go to Timber make absolutely sure that "Diff" is active so you can begin to spread it to the rest of the world.

This works well to get Behemoth cards (10=1 Barrier) which teaches Quitis Mighty Guard, Malboro cards (4=1 Malboro tentacle) which teaches quistis Bad Breath, Ruby Dragon cards (10-1 inferno fang) which teaches Quistis Fire Breath, Caterchipiller cards (1=1 spiderweb) which teaches Ultra Waves, Creeps (1=1 coral fragment) which teaches Electrocute, Tri-Face (1=1 curse spike) which teaches LV? Death, Gesper cards (1=1 black hole) which teaches Degenerator, Fasticalon cards (1=1water crystal) which teaches Aqua Breath, Gayla cards (1=1 mystery fluid) which teach Acid, and SAM08G cards (1=1 running fire) which teaches Gatling Gun.

Also you get almost all of the items necessary for getting the characters strongest weapons:

Save the Queen:
2 Malboro tentacles (from Malboro cards 4=1 malboro tentacle)
4 Sharp Spike (from Grand Mantis cards 1=1 sharp spike)
4 Energy Crystal (from elnoyle cards 10=1 energy crystal)

1 fury fragment (blue dragon card 4=1 fury fragment)

Strange Vision:
3 star fragments (iron giant card 3=1 star fragment)
2 curse spike (Tri-face card 1=1 curse spike)

you can NOT get irvine's strongest weapon, Exeter, until disc 3, but you CAN get the next best thing, Bismark, with the following:

1 steel pipe (elastoid card 1=1 steel pipe)
4 dynamo stone (blitz card 1=1 dynamo stone)
8 screw (geezard card 1=5 screws)

From: AngelKnight16
I still need 4 Elnoyle cards and I'm at Deiling City...who has the card in any of the areas between Timber and Deiling City...cause I can't get back to Balamb now...
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From: SoftReset
I'm pretty sure I got this from this first FreddyP Lionheart topic:

FFVIII Ultimate weapon/first Disc. info from Static Hamster:

"The only weapon that cannot be acquired on Disk One is Irvine’s Exeter, and only because of the Moon Stone.

This guide assumes a NOLVL game.

Lionheart (Squall): 12 Pulse Ammos, 4 Dragon Fangs, 1 Adamantine.
Ehrgeiz (Zell): 4 Dragon Skins, 1 Fury Fragment, 1 Adamantine.
Angel Wing (Rinoa): 2 Windmills, 1 Regen Ring, 1 Force Armlet, 2 Energy Crystals.
Strange Vision (Selphie): 3 Star Fragments, 2 Curse Spikes.
Save the Queen (Quitis): 2 Malboro Tentacles, 4 Sharp Spikes, 4 Energy Crystals.
Exeter (Irvine): 2 Dino Bones, 2 Star Fragments, 18 Screws, 1 Moon Stone

Weapon Ingredient Locations and Quantities

Adamantine (3) - Card Mod Minotaur for 10. Complete the CC Balamb Card Quest by Disk 3 to win this card back on Disk 4.

Curse Spikes(2) - Card Mod Tri-Face (L3 Card)
Dino Bones(2) - Card Mod Armado (L3 Card) or 2 T-Rexaur (L4 Card)

Dragon Fangs (4) - Low-level Grendels drop these. They can be found in the small forest near Galabadia Garden after the Laguna Scenario that occurs there. Run along the mountain side nearest the Garden while staying inside the forest to encounter nothing but Grendels. Weaken them and use Quezacotl's Card Command so you don't gain EXP.

Dragon Skins (4) - If you kill off Squall and Zell during the Dollet Field test and raise your GF with Seifer (spread the GF between the 3 members) high-level Anaconduars will drop these, you'll get plenty while you raise your GF's to 100.

Energy Crystals (8) - Card Mod Elenoyle (L5 Card)
Force Armlet (1) - When you kill X-ATM090, he will occassional drop this, keep reseting till he does.
Fury Fragment (1) - Card Mod 4 Blue Dragons (L4 Card)
Malboro Tentacles (2) - Card Mod 8 Malboro Cards (L5)
Moon Stone (1) - Mugged from Elenoyle on Disk 3 in Esthar at the Fixed Elenoyle Encounter.
Pulse Ammos (12) - Ammo RF 2 of your Energy Crystals.
Screws (18) - Card Mod 4 Geezard Card (L1 Card)
Sharp Spikes (4) - Card Mod 4 Death Claws (L3 Card)
Star Fragments (5) - Card Mod 15 Iron Giant Card (L5 Card)
Regen Ring (1) - Card Mod 10 Chimera (L5 Card)
Windmills (2) - Card Mod 2 Abyss Worm (L3 Card)

Getting L3 and L5 Card - Before you leave for Timber, go into Balamb Cafeteria and play the Trepe Groupe #1. He plays nothing but L3 and L5 cards. In your quest to be 8 Energy Crystals, all the rest of the quatities will fall into place.

Level 4 Card - In the Timber Hotel, there is a girl watching a train. She only plays L4 cards, this is your best source.

Raising GF Levels - In the Dollet Field Mission place one GF on each person then kill off Squall and Zell. Raise Seifer in level and your GF will gain levels and abilities. Learn Card and Card Mod for Quezacotl and Ammo-RF for Ifrit. Also don't leave here until the Anaconduars drop Dragon Skins.
Gaining No Experience
* Run from everything in the Fire Cave.
* Upon returning from Dollet, get the Diablos GF from the Magical Lamp before going to Timber.
* Weaken Fasticolons and use Quezacotls Card command to kill them. You won’t gain EXP, but you will gain AP.
* Learn Status Mag-RF, Enc-Half and Enc-None from Diablos before going to Timber.
* Buy Softs, and refine them into Break, give it to all your party members, use Break on any Soldiers you come across to kill them instantly without gaining EXP from them.Run alongside moutain ranges on the Galabadia Continent, you'll run into Anaconduars.
#8Calicoo(Topic Creator)Posted 3/5/2006 6:30:23 PMmessage detail
Also, in the forest S of Dollet, an Anaconduar is part of the party that attacks you.

I believe a high level Ochu from the forest of the Galabadia Continent will rarely drop a Force Armlet.

And if you don't care about levels, high level Adamantoise from the beach south of Dollet drop Adamantines".
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From: AWSLabel424
Sorry for not reading the entire topic, but is there any way to get the Minotaur card back after I mod it?

From: Nuclear hobo
I'm on disk 2 with the garden mobile and levels below 20,can I still get this stuff?

From: Magnus2501
Didn't read the whole topic either (8 pages of mostly bumps, so I just skipped to the end.)

But does Kadowaki or any other person have any Iron Giant, Adamantoise, or X-ATM092 cards before the Dollet Mission?

From: FreddyP
- You can get back the Minotaur card on Disc 4 if you do the CC Group quest and the Chocobo Forest quest (for access to the Ragnarok on Disc 4).

- You can still get this stuff if your levels are below 20 on Disc 2.

- The Trepe Groupies have those cards. Two of them are in the classroom and the third is a guy in the dining hall. Good luck.

From: Zoanthrope4ever
I don't feel like looking through the whole topic, so has it been meantioned... do you know you can still gain AP after a battle if you card all the enemies? Meaning you don't gain any exp and keep your level below 20? I was say level 15 with almost all of Quez and Shiva's abilities, a good lot of Diablos' and Ifrit's and Siren's too.

This includes I had STR bonus and MAG bonus at the time, but I already had Rinoa in my party, Squall got Str and Rinoa got Mag, and now I'm still under level 30

From: Trona KenIII
About getting the Elynole Cards, where is Trepie #1 after fighting Ifrit? I can't seem to find him! Is he the same person that asks to see Squall's Gunblade? o_0

From: Limit Breaker
I'm not sure but I think he's the one in the cafeteria. I'd recommend Dr. Kadowaki for Elnoyle cards though.

From: Trona KenIII
I found him in the cafeteria, and I've just got my 20th Elnoyle card from him! However, I'm going for the full 80, so I still have quite a ways to go; I plan on switching to fighting Kadowaki for a while, though, since she has other useful cards that the Trepie doesn't. (I've exhausted my needed Behemoths, Chimeras, and Marlboros; now I need Abyss Worms and Iron Man-which they both [I believe] provide).

From: The Ace of PHILI
I read the first 100 posts and concluded that Madeo's faq is much better than Freddy's.

*Fighting T-Rex is much better fighting Grendels. This makes you lvl up early in the game. Without the Stat Bonuses would also take you to maximum stat.
*Getting 20 Elnoyse cards or whaterver will take an average player in about 5 or more hours. Plus playing cards in this game is not very fun.
*For adamantine, in my opinion, using sacred's card is much better that fighting adamantoise. You need about 4 of them to get everyone's best weapon. Using this option is really easier but fighting about 3 adamantoise is not really that much of a pain.
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#10Calicoo(Topic Creator)Posted 3/5/2006 6:31:36 PMmessage detail
From: Trona KenIII
From: The Ace of PHILI
I read the first 100 posts and concluded that Madeo's faq is much better than Freddy's.

*Fighting T-Rex is much better fighting Grendels. This makes you lvl up early in the game. Without the Stat Bonuses would also take you to maximum stat.

Leveling is actually not a good thing if you don't have the stat bonuses; enemies level up with you in this game, and their stats increase MORE than yours do per level; it's better to stay low.

*Getting 20 Elnoyse cards or whaterver will take an average player in about 5 or more hours. Plus playing cards in this game is not very fun.

That's really a matter of opinion; I see where you're going, but I thought this games incarnation of a card game was great; much more useful and fulfilling than FF9's, at least. This one is a matter of opinion; but I have always prefered the card game; playing it for a while to get ahead in the game doesn't bother me. Besides just getting the Elnoyle cards, depending on who you fight, you also set yourself up for awesome junctionable magic; but to each his own.

*For adamantine, in my opinion, using sacred's card is much better that fighting adamantoise. You need about 4 of them to get everyone's best weapon. Using this option is really easier but fighting about 3 adamantoise is not really that much of a pain.

This is Freddy's method, no argument there. ^_^

I've been using this guide on my second playthrough, and I succeeded in getting the LH right after Brothers; when everything topples at a Darkside (used for getting to Limit level while doing damage) or a Renzokuken, I can't help but grin. ^_^

From: DraconSteel
what rewards are there for a no level up game? i have never tryed to be at a low level altho i wil try and keep my level under 20 for the dragon fangs but will not play the card game fore the enole cards ill just get to level 40+ for the drops from the elastoids in laguana dream #2 unless there are some rewards for beating the game at a low level. oh btw last time i beat the game squall was level 100 at the end of disk 1=P and every one else was 60+. i like to level fast just cuz i can.

From: FreddyP
In this game, enemies level up with you, and gain stats faster than your characters. In a low level game, you can junction powerful magic to your stats to take advantage of low-level enemies. If you level quickly but don't find good magic to junction, you'll be at a disadvantage in battle. Also, with a low-level game, you can take advantage of the stat bonus abilities of Guardian Forces when you do decide to level.

From: IcEpIcKRSF
Also Freddy, the guard at the gate into Balamb Garden behind the window has Elnoyle cards. He also has Wedge and Biggs and other good cards. He's great to stock your deck or just take Elnoyle cards from.

From: IcEpIcKRSF

Also, when I played Zell's mom in town for the Zell Card she kept using Elnoyle's alot.
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