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User Info: SmilinJoeME

9 years ago#1
What would be the best GF distribution between the three characters? I want to make sure everyone has as many stat junctions as possible each. I know there's no perfect way to do it but what does everyone here recommend?
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User Info: Savoir_Faire

9 years ago#2
How far into the game are you? You should be able to get the 5 important stat junctions (hp, str, vit, mag and spr) early in disc 2.

User Info: Split Infinity

Split Infinity
9 years ago#3
If you toss a look into the guide, you'll notice that it lists junctions for each storyline/optional boss battle, taking into the account junctionable abilities GFs have and suggesting good magics to juncton onto particular stat. (Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 Channel)

User Info: ZealotBoy

9 years ago#4
I came up with a GF setup that focuses on abilities that cannot be taught through items.

Here is what I have:

Character 1: Shiva, Ifrit, Diablos and Cactuar
Character 2: Quezacotl, Brothers, Cerberus, Alexander, Doomtrain and Tonberry
Character 3: Siren, Carbuncle, Leviathan, Pandemona, Bahamut and Eden

Every ability that can't be taught via items is evenly divided between the three character. For example, all three characters can use Initiative, Auto-Potion, Move-Up HP, Darkside, Hit-J and Luck+50% (there are only three of each of these abilities available); and two characters can use Absorb, Defend, Mug, Evade+30% and Mad Rush (there are only two of each of these abilities).

As far as junction abilities go, Spd-J overlaps - there are three Spd-J abilities but character 3 has two of them - so you'll have to find yourself another Spd-J Scroll, but other than that every character can junction to every stat (once you've acquired an Aegis Amulet and two Luck-J Scrolls, of course).

I think all characters get +20/40% abilities for HP, Str, Vit, Mag and Spr, too, but that's a moot point since you can use items to learn the +60% abilities.

It may also be worth it to note that I separated Cactuar, Tonberry and Eden because they each have Luck+50%. But if you were crazy enough (or cheated) to max out your Luck without using Luck+50%, then there may be other combinations of GFs to get the same result.
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User Info: ZealotBoy

9 years ago#6
Only Diablos and Bahamut have Mug, and you can't teach a GF Mug with any item, which is too bad :(

User Info: SmilinJoeME

9 years ago#7
thanks zealot, that's exactly what i was looking for
Its not I who am crazy, it is I who am MAD!!!
--Ren Hoek

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